Friday, September 14, 2007

Summer turns to Autumn

The world is very small. I know Sue Maxwell even though she lives in an other state. Our mutual friend, Trisha, thought we would enjoy each other's writing. I was so moved by how she described this time of year, I asked her permission to publish her link, and she gave it. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND pasting this address into the address line of your browser.

Sue moved from Temple City to Rogue River, Oregon just about 10 years ago when her husband and she retired from the Los Angeles Sheriffs Department.

For about 10 years, until Sue's husband, Jerry, passed away, they enjoyed living together on their 20 acres filled with wildlife. A partial list of God's creatures who have graced this Eden include deer, elk, possums, skunks, bears, cougars,and many, many birds, including owls, vultures, hawks, finches, towhees, hummingbirds.

Sue writes about the view from her front porch on page 2, and she invites you to be her guest on the site she maintains on the web. On the first page is a short tribute to her partner of 33 years. Sue misses that terrific and interesting man. But she keeps connected with my family and friends.

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