Saturday, February 16, 2008

Do What you Love

According to hairstylist Shannon Morris of Jose` Eber Salon in Beverly Hills, Brooke Hogan is "soo sweet". Here, Brooke models the hairstyle created for her by Shannon for the 2008 Grammy Awards. The style is elegant and classic, a dramatic accompaniament to Miss Hogan's statuesque beauty and the old Hollywood glamour of the deep purple mermaid dress she wore for the evening.

The satin dress was made in Florida for Miss Hogan, but a mix up in shipping delayed its arrival until the day of the event.

Shannon was always interested in the beauty industry. It was no surprise that after graduating from high school, Shannon chose to go to beauty college. Her talent landed her an assistant's position with an established hairdresser in Beverly Hills.

An unfortunate event- a fire where she was working- turned in to a opportunity- when she then moved to work in the famed Jose' Eber Salon. That level of success only happens when you love what you do, have a passion to be the best and have a grateful heart.

Shannon can sometimes be seen here in the greater Los Angeles viewing area as part of the Good Day LA Knock Knock Makeover team. I'm not a big fan of television, but there is something charming about a team of top beauty experts donating their time to make an every day person in to Cinderella.

Shannon is easy to spot when she's on-camera during the segment. She's the one who looks like a movie star.


Anonymous said...

For awhile there I thought the photo was of Shannon! I thought WOW!!! Did she have a little help in the upstairs department or what? WOW! That dress is nearly too small!:) Then as I read on I realized it wasn't Shannon! I LOVE that hair style and have longed for that style but somehow never found it for me! Shannon must be extremely taltented! I remember when she did Farrah Fawcet for the Oscars or was it the Emmy's?
I have just one question Lydia! Why didn't you post a picture of the lovely Shannon?
XO Trisha

Lydia said...

My first thought when I saw Brooke was how much she and Shannon look alike. It's nice that there are young women so extraordinarily beautiful who can be accurately described by the word "sweet".
I don't really have a suitable photograph readily accessible: but if you want to see how gorgeous she is- please go to the "Good Day LA" web site and go to "Knock Knock Makeover" One of the anchors made a quip this time about how it looked like they had Pamela
Anderson doing hair...

Anonymous said...

Lydia, I take it Shannon is your daughter? I didn't follow that. I was a Rep for Fabergé for many years until they were sold to Chesebrough Ponds. We had a line of Farrah Fawcett products. José did her hair and went with us to our annual sales meetings. Funny guy and very personable. I liked him.

Lydia said...

Shannon is the long-time girlfriend of our youngest son, Kenny. They mey when they were both attending Diamond Bar High School. At the time, she was only fourteen. He was instantly smitten. He would go to her house in the afternoon and weekends for two years waiting for her to be old enough to date.
You'll be pleased to know that Shannon says that Jose' is just as wonderful to work for now as he was for you to work with back in the early days of his career.