Saturday, April 5, 2008

Tending Skin is Like Tending Soil

Tending to our skin is very much like tending to the soil. Skin is like soil to appearance. Flowers are the garden's cosmetics. If the soil (skin) isn't good- the flowers (cosmetics) won't make the face bloom.
Women speak of yearning to spend more time in the garden. But many are afraid of damaging their skin.
I can relate. There is nothing unusual in my spending 2 to 6 hours a day under the bright California sky.

But I don’t want to have skin that resembles my husband’s jerky.
I wouldn't dream of giving up either my time outside or the desire not to look like the day-laborer that I enjoy being. And if I can do this successfully, so can you.
You see,I have “difficult” skin. To the causal observer, the texture is good. However, the natural moisture level is dangerously close to the sands of the Mojave Desert. When I was just in second grade, a doctor recommended the tubs of Nivea Creme. My skin is also extremely sensitive. Allergy pills and a tube of cortisone cream are tucked in my purse.
Not long ago, my desire to be outside had gotten ahead of the supply of moisturizers. I was on a mission to the Brea Mall to replenish stock with "the usual". As I scurried past the Swisa Beauty Kiosk, Raviv, who represents the Dead Sea Premier skin care line, had to notice the dry patches on my face. He was kind about it. But he was going to help. The demonstration began.
Raviv explained the history of Dead Sea, where the product line comes from, as he gently coaxed open the pores. Odd particulates were freed, replaced by with nutrients and moisture.
Hovering nearby was Bill. A regular customer with clear, tightly textured skin better than that of many a man half his 73 years; he is a living testimonial that it can pay to take are of your skin.
In Living a Beautiful Life Alexandra Stoddard offered the advice that “Enormous enjoyment can be gained from turning a necessity into a sensuous act.” On the surface, what Raviv was demonstrating was mundane. However, his recounting of the history and geography of the Dead Sea opened the imagination. The scent of the scrubs and lotions so fresh, it cleared the mind. The day's chores were wiped clean and everything that touched my skin felt softer. The quality of the experience was elevated from routine to ritual.

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