Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fire and Smoke

Fire. Nature's majesty and horror in one. The lights of civilization dwarfed by encroaching fire.
Our son, Kenny, called this morning. The smoke in Fullerton was so thick- he thought in the middle of the night that perhaps his apartment was on fire.

So far, we have been fortunate. But this friend of Trisha's son was not. A few months ago, this beautiful home in Yorba Linda was his proud home. This is all that is left.

This morning, smoke lay down in the valley in a suffocating haze. So far, we are safe. But all it will take is a burning ember to hit one of the leaves turning to brown- but still clinging to a tree- and fortune could turn with the quickness of a tidal wave.
The evacuations have come to Diamond Bar. Trisha is packing up her car. Evacuations in The Country are now mandatory. I warned a neighbor- if she goes on her planned excursion- there is a chance she might not be able to get back in.
There is a word which explains how it is to live with fire coming at you. Powerless. Not the same as helpless. But darn close to it.
May God protect the firefighters and residents.

Thank you to photographer Gene Sasse for providing the photo at the very top. Taken last night.


Anonymous said...

paste this address into your browser for most recent updates on maps.

if you want to hear public officials yapping about how good they've done before the fire is out - turn on the tv. local 9 and 3 are doing better than others.

Loving Annie said...
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Lydia said...

Thank you, Annie! Think we're okay. Hope you feel better quickly.
This evening was supposed to be the big Diamond Bar Foundation Gala- but with the fires- the caterer was sent instructions this evening was cancelled- the food was to be served instead at the evacuation center at Diamond Bar High School. Which I think was the absolute best thing under the circumstance.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I was thinking about you tonight when I heard them say the Fire was Diamond Bar....I hope you are okay and that they are able to ward the fire off and put it out!

I am even effected by the smoke here in Hollywood....Because of my lungs, I haven't been out of the house todat at all...And I only went outside yesterday to clean my cats pan....

Prayers are coming your way about this fire, my dear.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I just read what you said yto Annie...I hope this holds, my dear.
It never occurred to me, by the way, that my headache is coming from the smoke...But, of course!
Stay safe!