Thursday, February 28, 2013

Under the same Moon ~ Nature ~ Travel

A life well-lived requires looking up.

Sunset over the IE

Moon as seen from Alta Loma California. Image by Gene Sasse
Let me count the states: Arizona, Colorado,  Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Utah and Wyoming. Add in my home state of California- eight states in eight months- that is more travel than the last eight years combined. 

What all the people in all our states have in common is captured in this evocative photo by Gene Sasse. We all sleep and dream under the same moon.

What all the trips on my writer's journey have in common is the elemental pull to seek out the beauty of God's creation. Let nature fill me up before I am drained. 

Even in the big city of Portland, Oregon, coaching a young couple as they planned their first garden of their own, they knew what a favor it would be to take me a short ride out of the city, to Multnomah Falls for beauty and brunch.

Life is by definition, full of conflict. God doesn't make mistakes. Yet, from time to time, we all feel that events are uncontrollably falling as fast as water over the falls. It is human to wonder if He truly made us in His image considering the trouble we land in ):-

 The answer to the quandary is in the water soaked log lying at the edge of the pool where the water thundered boulders into pebbles. There is great beauty in letting go, in trusting Him.

Thus, the  grandeur of nature put this week's technical difficulties caused by system incompatibilities  in to the perspective they belong, which is pretty puny. It is true, what is written in Ecclesiastics

There is a time for everything.

 A time to feast. 

A time to shop. Or at least to look.  Note to self-  Sell 2 more stories and these beautiful glass salmon in the gift shop could migrate home to Diamond Bar...

 And lastly, for all our different climates, religions and politics, it is nice to know that we , the people of the United States, can be united in laughter. 



Oregon Sue said...

I agree Portland and the area is a fun place. Glad you are enjoying it. I Googled and read up on The Farm. Good reviews~! Glad you are enjoying your time there. xo

nikkipolani said...

Oh, that moon shot is phenomenal! Well done, Gene. Those salmon are beauties, all right. Hope they find their way to Diamond Bar!

Anonymous said...

Lovely falls and scenery and the food is making me salivate, but it's the cartoon that Trisha shared in the Daily Drivel you posted that got me this time. The first time I saw here's, I just thought of Sybil and laughed. Last night I saw another episode, remember I was 2 behind you, and Matthew had his car accident on way home from hospital and new baby. I was so shocked and saddened that he died. But today, the joke is even funnier. Glad my brain says to me when I starting thinking unclearly, 'Judy, they are characters - not real people!'

Anyway, so glad you are/had a wonderful time.

Seal Beach