Friday, May 3, 2013

Southern California Spring Garden Show Season Opener Part 2 of 2

Meet Kathryn England. Born in Hawaii, she was raised near San Francisco during the era of Flower Power- the 1960's. If this did not infuse her senses full of color- she lived for two years in El Salvador before studying art and art history in London. Prior to becoming an influential member of the Fullerton art movement Kathryn traveled throughout Europe, the Far East and much of Central America. 

Her pots, hearts, globes and benches- some at the show were by her student's Sue and Nancy- these are the ultimate in low water, low maintenance color for the garden.   A generous person, Nancy not only creates- she teaches others. Sign up for a class or workshop at her studio  here and maybe we will run into each other.

Katherine with hearts

Back in Fullerton, not only does Nancy operate a studio and teach classes- she's a mover and shaker behind "All The Arts for All the Kids Foundation."  The City displays these 5 foot tall mosaic hearts in the downtown area- then they are sold to private collectors  to raise money for the arts program. Click here to learn more. 

Anyone who thought planting pockets were a passing phase- think again. At the show, this display added charm no painted masterpiece could have. A simple wash of of green ivy is encrusted with the long-lasting warm colors of  kalanchoe- nature may reign inside as well as out.

Color is in vogue. This display at the Epiphyllum Society of America called to me.

Particularly this bloom of 'Great Waltz'. 

It took all my will power to not bring home this mature pink 'Giant Empress' specimen at the show courtesy of Marcel's Orchids and Succulents. Soon.  

Speaking of orchids- they were everywhere, in full and glorious bloom. 

I wish I lived in Orange County so I could get to know their master gardener Robin Russel better. Oh, the stories about bunnies we shared during our al-too brief visit. LOOK at that Apron- she embroidered the flowers and garden tools whilst her husband drove on road trips. 

Bonsai. The ultimate reduce, reuse and recycle of living art. Exhibitor Paul Minerich described this bougainvillea  was a substandard performer in his established garden for 35 to 40 years. He axed it out. Put it in this gorgeous antique pot he believes his father-in- law brought back from Japan.  His hint to those of us always on the hunt for GOOD pots- seek out bonsai shows and demonstrations at our public gardens, like this one upcoming at the LA County Arboretum. 

What brings the outside beauty of nature in more convincingly than bold over-sized bouquets?  If you are ready to break down and purchase the US made stacked vase sets  by the Horticultural Institute of Southern California- don't wait for the next fair or garden show. Order here

Next up will be selected scenes from the Fullerton Open Gardens Day. 

"All The Arts for All the Kids Foundation" Image is from the non-profit site. 


OldLady Of The Hills said...

So many gorgeous flowering plants and flowers, in general. Nature! You just can't beat it for rel Beauty!!!

Anonymous said...


What a glorious event that was!! I'll bet it smells heavenly in that place!
What a beautiful talent Nancy is! I had to keep going back and forth to see if both pics were of her! She looks lilke a blonde in the first photo and gray in the one with the balloon hearts. Ohhhh those were gorgeous things! I'll bet they bring a hefty price. What a wonderfully talented lady!

Question: How in the world do you ever escape these shows without buying a car load?? What will power you must have!!

XO Trisha

Oregon Sue said...

Epiphyllums are one of my most favorites. Daddy grew a lot of them. Can't grow them here, unless they are brought inside in the winter. Have one that won't bloom. Drat! I keep trying. Show looked fun. Would love to go there. xo

Lydia said...

GOOD morning early birds!

Naomi - Your comments always cheer me up!

Trisha- good eye. Kathryn England is pictured at the show and fundraiser. The artwork is unbelievably reasonable. If she hadn't been on the third floor... the trunk was full and the wallet empty before I reached her!

Lydia said...

Sue - Do you have electricity in your barn? Solar could be expensive... You could set up a green house in your barn. Replicate the Central American growing conditions of its native land and feature the hanging cactus on your patio.

Joan S Bolton said...

Those mosaics are fabulous. If you take one of Kathryn England's classes, you're definitely going to have to show us your work!

Lydia said...

Hi, Joan! Last weekend was double-booked- experiencing Kathryn's mosaics made the trip in traffic to South Coast so worthwhile. Am definitely signing up for classes with her. Have a couple projects to finish first.

Anonymous said...

This is one of your best columns ever! Thanks for the entertainment and the motivation.

Judy in Seal Beach

nikkipolani said...

I'd seen those mosaic hearts around town but didn't know about Kathryn. That globe in your second photo is gorgeous.

I've got those tiles saved for you and/or Kathryn.