Friday, July 4, 2008

The Miracle That is This Nation

"A miracle is not the suspension of natural law, but the operation of a higher law."

Robert J. Strand

Independence Day is a perfect day to reflect on the miracle that is the United States of America. The cornerstones of this nation were formed by words of philosophers who spoke other languages and who were themselves centuries dead. Opposition to creating this nation was great. It was both foreign and domestic.

This nation was not just the coming together of ideas in peace and harmony between Crown and Colonies. The price for freedom could not be negotiated. It required not just financial sacrifice. To become a nation required payment in mangled bodies and blood.

Odds were great the endeavor would fail. Still, he people of Colonial America chose to endure the hardship of war, understanding they called it and the consequences upon themselves.

Do you ever wonder why the documents of our founding fathers are replete with words of the Almighty God? Perhaps it is because they believed that it required His hand, first to form our beloved Nation, and then to rule it wisely.

They even knew to give thanks for hardship. It was a brutally cold a winter it was when George Washington crossed the Delaware- see the chunks of ice churning in the river in the photo dramatization by Emanuel Leutz above. Bad weather helped them defeat the Hessians, hence win the Revolutionary War.

Thank you to Sue Maxwell of Oregon for sharing the pictures her dogs, Maggie and Yukon. Someday I hope to meet the three of you!

Take a moment between grilling and fireworks to jog over to this darling display by artist Jacquie Lawson. Watch to the end to see what she does with a bouquet made up of all our state flowers!

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful post on your blog today. The special day we celebrate our nation's beginnings. As one who's had the opportunity to visit over and over the Yorktown battlefield, where this revolution ended, it reminds one just how new and special our country is. To hike the gulley Lafayette's troops used to join the fight, from the river leaves me without words to describe it. Thanks for Sue's patriotic pets and the link to the wildflowers of each state. Visiting your blog today was wonderful. A Friend