Sunday, July 13, 2008

On the Importance of Travel

Traveling is important- not only does traveling alone make you confront realities of life but it also forces you to learn to relate to other people. - Dennis Prager

Travel expands the mind. It is interactive. It takes us away from our safe environment of everyday.
My daughter-in-law, Leslie Butler Plunk, loves to combine community service with her travel. As a high school student in Fullerton, then as a college student at Azusa Pacific University, then a dental student and now DDS working on her pediatric specialty at Loma Linda University, Leslie has always enjoyed taking health supplies to disadvantaged corners of the world. This year, her mom, the incomparable Lisa Butler of Fullerton, got to join her daughter on a medical mission trip to Ecuador. Before coming home, they took a couple days of R&R on Galapagos.
Imagine the shared adventure of snorkeling among the giant turtles.
And get a load of the bird's feet. The birds- blue footed boobies- look like sea gulls who grew blue flippers.

Part of Leslie's wisdom is that she doesn't rush through life. She stops to enjoy what a wonderful world the Lord has created. Whenever you have a chance to combine pleasure with business- do it. You will never regret the memories.


Anonymous said...

Chetly and I considered going to the "Galapagos of the Caribbean", Mona Island, duing our trip to Puerto Rico this year. They have giant iguanas with triceratops heads! Unfortunately the trip requires chartering a boat for the trip, which is three hours one way. Also, there are no supplies, no water, and no toilets on the island. It sounds a little rugged for my tastes, but I'm sorry that I have to miss out on the giant iguanas.

Lydia said...

Thank you for writing. Sounds like Mona Island should go on your "bucket list".
You are a true island girl.

Constance said...

I've never seen that before - they look just adorable with those blue feet !

Travel is wonderful...