Sunday, August 17, 2008

Caring Hands Should Care For Their Hands

“A friend is a hand that is always holding yours, no matter how close or far apart you may be. A friend is someone who is always there and will always, always care. A friend is a feeling of forever in the heart.”
- Author Unknown

Love and commitment are solemnly sealed with words and the hand of a lover slipping a ring upon a finger.
Sometimes the touch of your hand will seal a feeling upon the heart of someone that will have to last a long time. Perhaps a lifetime.

Have you ever shaken someone’s hand and known instantly if you liked them or not? Judged if they could be trusted or not? Or sealed a deal with a handshake?

Hands are raised in oath, swearing honesty and allegiance.

Some of these moments will come without warning. Sometimes without want.

So taking care of hands should be important. Not just for vanity. Not just for health. But because the tactile sensory memory they leave with someone else may be remembered for a long time.

Katlyn Kathol became the “face” of our local Ace Hardware when she was seen on Fox News television after the Chino Hills Earthquake.

She kindly agreed to model the package of Comform.XT gloves by Ansell. These sized-to- fit disposable gloves are worthy of recommending to wear while painting, staining and performing light chores in home and garden where sturdier gloves would feel clumsy.
Not only are these gloves comfortable, flexible and strong, their textured surface allows for what the packaging accurately describes as “superior grip and tactile sensitivity.” Before we ran across this particular brand, any disposable glove would do. No more. If you don't see them in the paint department at Ace Hardware ask for them.


Anonymous said...

Oh Lydia,
What a young beautiful bride you made! You were so little too! Loved the hair! When did it get so curly?
I would absolutely not have known Gerry! My how he's changed!
I guess we all have in these many years!
That was great! Thanks for showing us that wonderful picture!! Love the family ones!
XOX Trisha

Lydia said...

Thank you.
You know who looks EXACTLY the same as then- my friend Becky in Montana. I bet you look close to the same as you did thirty years ago.
Glad I haven't changed so much that I'm still recognizable from a photograph. There isn't a straight hair gene in the whole of my primarily Irish- Puerto Rican family history. The straighter looks are what takes effort.

Loving Annie said...

What are the gloves made of, Lydia ?

Yes, I have met people and instantly known - from just a hello or a smile or a handshake.

There is a book called 'Blink' all about that instinctive intelligence by Malcolm Gladwell.

Lydia said...

Greetings, Annie!
The box states that the gloves are
"natural rubber latex" containing 50 micrograms or les of total water extractable protein per gram.
"Blink" is one of the books I enjoyed so much it stays on my bedside table. In my lifetime I have over-thought more things than I jumped at too soon.
Thank you for mentioning it.