Thursday, August 28, 2008

Miracles on the Mountain

For every mountain there is a miracle.
Rev. Robert Schuller

Have you ever hiked a rugged mountainside: struggled to keep your footing? Your whole focus is on the loose shards that keep threatening to topple you over.
It is a part of life's landscape that sometimes our troubles will mount. They will stack one upon the other until they loom over us like a mountain. As we try to climb our way out of our troubles, we tire. Our footing becomes as unsure as our spirit. We wonder how close we are to personal disaster.

That is when it is important to persevere in faith.

Miracles have a way of finding people who aren’t waiting for them to happen. They have a way of finding people who get on with life, grateful to be like that tree in the top photograph- clinging to not much more than hope- and still enjoying the view. So meet what challenges. When you trip, get up. Climb your adversities.

Congratulations to Cathy! Last winter you had a major stroke. I prayed I would- but I tempered my expectations to see you again. I am so glad to hear you have mended so well that you are able to be back part-time at the work you love. To all the Cathy's in the world- THANK YOU for your inspiration!

Thank you again to Gene Sasse- a most marvelous photographer and human being.
The photographs here are his- used with permission. More of his awe-inspiring images can be found at


askin said...

I fully agree. Miracles can happen
without or with prayers, as we are under constant watch of God. I related thirty such miraculous happenings from my life in different countries, in my book "SMALL MIRACLES" - by Askin Ozcan - ISBN 1598001000 (Outskirts Press) a copy of which I have sent to His Holiness The Pope Benedictus XVI and received a "thank you" letter for it.
I have also sent a copy to Rev. Dr. Robert Schuller.

The book is available at 200 internet bookshops incl., and through 25.000 bookstores.

Lydia said...

Welcome to my humble home on the internet. I looked up your editorial review on the internet and excerted this-
Sometimes such occurrences happen, it is impossible to call them "coincidences". This book is about such incidents which have happened in the life of the author, which are stunning and confirming that there is God... As the author has lived in a variety of countries - Turkey, Denmark, Sweden, England, U.S.A., Canada - the incidents told about, have occurred in a diversity of cultures, which makes the book even more interesting and colorful.

Best wishes to you-