Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Summer Recap Part 1 - Churning Butter

Summer will end as all summers do. Too soon.  Before it is gone in the haste of living, take time to remember what made this one special for you. 

Breville  Sous Chef TM food processor 
Am I the only girl who uses her husband as an excuse to shop? 

Summer began with a  morning date demonstration on grilling at Sur la Table. 
Nothing dangerous. Except we packed credit cards. 

Background. My husband's first love was butter. It was his first instruction to me as a new bride- ONLY real butter is served in our home. 

A surprise addition to the lesson plan at the demonstration was how to make our own butter at home. All you need is cream- and this 1200 watt wonder-machine.

I would never have brought back this handsome Australian machine  if I hadn't had my husband to blame the extravagance on. The chef showed my love how the powerful Breville  Sous Chef TM food processor  can pulsate cream into silky butter in 2 1/2 minutes. 

You can hear it when the butter is ready to scoop from the machine. It makes this little thunk-ity thunk noise. As the solids magically spin lightly yellow-  the most luscious buttermilk separates from it. 

Now his wife not only writes delicious copy;  she churns world class butter.  

Tip:  If you have a Smart and Final  store nearby- while any heavy cream will do - they carry Alta Dena Manufacturing Cream- which is worth seeking out. 

As is a good gym membership. Any day I'm not lifting plants in the garden, I am on the treadmill or lifting weights at Fitness Advantage in Diamond Bar. 

Top image from Sur la Table website.


OldLady Of The Hills said...

Real Home Made Butter...HOW FABULOUS IS THAT??? Your dear Husband is right---Use only butter in cooking---Julia Child would definitely agree!!! That piece of equipment looks AWESOME!!! 2 1/2 minutes...WOW!!!
If I still cooked, I would get me one of those Babies, in a Heartbeat! You need the gym if butter is on the daily menu, as it should!

nikkipolani said...

Though I don't have a beautiful Breville, I do have a Sprouts that carries my favorite butter: Kerry Gold. There's never less than two pounds of butter in my refrigerator ;-)

Glad you have a wise wise husband. Who now enjoys freshly churned butter! Brilliant.

p.s. don't we all wish our beloved furry ones would double as garden staff?