Tuesday, September 6, 2016

September- Behind my Garden Gate. Mint, bees and Country Gardens Magazine

September. It began with a phone call asking "Do you have mint?"

Yes. Mint with bees and mint without.  

Stalks of mint flopping through seasonal asters in  a mass of perfect imperfection.

Mint weaving over the roses and through the steps, up into the vegetable lined path. 

 I took my gloves off to pull the sweet smelling stalks of mint out from beneath the  Brandywine tomato. Trained up, the vine has climbed a full-story high.

My uphill neighbor, Sandy, leaned over our shared fence. We chatted about roses, the exceptional holiday weather, good bugs and bad bugs. Promising to get together soon, I gathered a couple ripened veggies and armloads of mint enough to make mojitos for all the wanna-be Cubans in California. 

"Accidental" clippings with the hillside mirrored in my study window
On occasion, I splurge on bottles of  Broguiere's Farm Fresh Dairy  milk, as much for the smiles when the charming containers are passed along  to friends as vases. Like the one who will soon be enjoying rooted slips of mint and spearmint.  

Now to enjoy my garden. To observe.  The slender ruby hummingbird feeder hanging from the brugmansia (angel's trumpet) is a bird magnet. Hummingbirds and orioles. But like our "mighty" Southern California rivers, it too frequently runs dry. 

These come to me in my garden: a thought. Plumbers tape stops leak on threaded hose bibs, why not on threaded necks on nectar reservoirs? YES. Oh happy birds. 

Garlic chives. The whole of this wonderful wildflower can be used for cooking. Or left to reseed and come again next summer. 

Carrots. Like people, come in many colors.

Just in case our friends do not understand how obsessive my garden- passion is... Wouldn't it be fun to serve purple carrots in the garden near where the Rose of Sharon blooms? Match food to flower, like shoes to a dress.

In the dining room, dappled light shines on the cover of the newest edition of one of my favorite magazines, Country Gardens.  If circumstance should ever remove me from this beloved plot of land, I should still love this magazine, for as much as any other, it plays the strings of my heart in a happy melody.

Until we meet again, thank YOU for all YOU do to make the world more beautiful.