Thursday, November 4, 2010

Recovery Road

Waterproof cast protector
"When can I take a shower?" I'm not sure who asked the question first, me or my husband.  But a couple days post surgery, it was a question surely on the minds of anyone within 10 feet of me.

B&B Pharmacy in Yorba Linda carries these slick cast protectors. Not recommended for water sports: no surfing or water skiing. Not that I am so kamikaze. At this moment, atleast.

I suspect it is space technology that created this  membrane with a hole the size of a silver dollar to open up to let the humongous cast pass through it- then contract back to dam falling waters completely outside the waterproof bag.

The rules of the road are to not put 1 ounce of weight on my foot unless I am strapped into this contraption that if it weren't for pink polish pedicure makes my left leg look like it should be attached to a Transformer or hockey goalie.

My mother in law (Melva) staying with us this first week is a Godsend. Not having to cook or do dishes helps free my "feet time' for other activity. Like opening the door for the gals representing the morning e-mail group. They decided to speed my recovery with a yellow-blooming clivia. Smart ladies.

That morning Melva had gussied up plain black beans baked long and slow with a ham hock  into soup by stirring in  chicken broth cooked rice, onions and corn.  With a bowl of Cuban black bean soup- we toasted those not able to be present with a glass of Roederer Estate Sparkling wine

Thank you Sue, Judy, Trisha and Edda. You made me feel like Superwoman.

Elevate and ice is mostly what I do. Perfectly in-sync with being a writer.  A couple days to let my mind get past the anesthetic; a call to my editor/ friend Glenda- and writing for a living is back on track. 

Getting back to my role as Head Gardener here will take more patience. So I prepare in the spirit of life is a game to be played.

Fitness Advantage in Diamond Bar gets much of the credit for taking me from diabetic to not diabetic  through exercise and nutrition guidance.   

Yesterday was my first work out.  Only 20 minutes- the endorphins circulated well-being.  By springtime, when the yellow clivia brightens a shaded path, I will be back in the garden. Better than ever.


Oregon Sue said...

Nothing better than to hear you are on the mend and doing well. Praise the Lord for Melva!!! We all love you and hope the clivia blooms to high Heaven! Then you will think of us. xo

Anonymous said...

Glad to year you're already doing so well!