Friday, November 12, 2010

Work Before Wonder

How can you sing of amazing grace and all God's wonders without using your hands?

Mahalia Jackson

The wicked winds howled this week: autumn breezes flying full frontal through the trees. 

I often pause at the splendor God creates. Then get to work on my little corner. Unlike God's grace- whose beauty is on auto-pilot- without effort, the coming spring would be naked here.

Like a professional model, this pathway offers an effortless look. In reality, when you consider the elements and how they came to be- it took lots of effort. Before it could be raked, the gravel had to be brought to the site. Rock borders in place to contain it. Iris to decorate it. 

Earlier this week, a city maintenance truck was parked on the opposite side of our street. The driver taking a chain saw to a large downed branch of flowering pear tree. The age of this tract is such that when the winds come, the branches on the inferior type the builder provided snap. Leaving an ugly scar. Sometimes, like at our house, the whole tree just falls over without any warning. Like a man dying of a heart attack on the golf course.

Guillermo Victorio has been in charge of our tree maintenance for years. 

In abundant years, Guillermo and his crew are hired twice a year. Once to keep the height down. The second trimming, to thin the trees of excessive crown. On years when maintenance needs are high and the budget low, trimming the trees this time of year is preferred as it causes the least disruption to the bird population.  It is far enough from the frosts of deep winter not force frail growth out before it has a chance to harden.

Diseased branches
Branches clothed in disfigured leaves  on the citrus are cut back. Removing them now minimizes the need for spraying later on. Organic isn't an easier way to garden. It is however the best first line of defense.

Clematis Jackmanii

Angel Geranium
Outside, as glorious sunshine slides in to the garden, it is as though the garden "curtains" have been pulled back. Color shows through in an embarrassment of riches. Time to do my part. Now vines' tender tendrils  are wound tightly to trellising. Cuttings of softwoods, such as geraniums, are taken to multiply the spring's bouquet.
Knowing how much work it is to keep even a small garden does put God and man in perspective. No matter how much we do- it is nothing compared to His work.

Victorio's Tree and Concrete Service can be reached at
714.317.5931 or 714 566-4924

To 2 images by Gene Sasse


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading that. Where was that path? It doesn't look familiar. Did you say? Did I miss something?
We too have a crew who comes every week to mow and tidy up our lawn. They are the same who come twice a year to cut tree branches, trim busines and pull weeds. However, I do believe that Felipe brings in his top tree cutters for that job because that is the only time I see certain guys. If you ever need an excellent bunch of lawn care guys at an excellent price then Felipe is your man! I know you are happy with your long time man and crew but, just in case.
Felipe asked John a couple of weeks ago if it wasn't time for them to come in to do the big job. He told him No that he wants to put it off until the first part of December. I was happy about that.
One year John had them come in to do the big job at the end of August. It was terribly hot after than and I missed the shade of all the full trees. I told John to tell Felipe that Daryl was throwing a party for his girlfriend's birthday (tomorrow night while we are at the gala) and we wanted to have the beautiful honeysuckle flowers out and everything looking lush. (That was a good excuse because I just HATE it when they cut away my honeysuckle)

Glad you got first stitches out. Also it tickled me that the Mail N
More guy remembered to tell you I said hello! :):)

Take care,
XOXO Trisha

Lydia said...

Morning Trisha- Gene's image trumped anything I had- and told the story- so used his image.

If I ever need a new lawn person, I would trust your recommendation.

Most of the garden work we do ourselves.

One of the secrets to a good price and good quality is to "share" with neighbors. My lawn person doesn't even have to move his truck. When he's finished with next door neighbor, he walks here.

Victorio is better with trees. The regular gardener could do- but Victorio's work is so GOOD now my neighbors have him trim up their "statement" tree on a regular basis.

The hallmark of an expert tree trimmer is you could have the party the same night- the artistry and clean are top flight.

Oregon Sue said...

Good read! xo

Anonymous said...

I've used Guillermo before and was very pleased with his work, crew and pricing. Loved the walk through your tree trimming. Good notes for future teims for my trees. Thanks for including his info. in the blog.