Monday, March 7, 2011

Destination Descanso Part II

Flowering Cherry
Green is the best background color for a garden.  In an open space, trees perform as walls, softening the wind and offering insulation from temperature extremes.  In season, a single flowering cherry reaches up in the sky. adding the excitement of  color to the tapestry of greens.

Structure  provides a focal point.
No more complicated in shape than a virgin staple tips down, this ever-open doorway acts as a welcoming doorway. This touch of civilization encourages walkers to keep exploring.

The stump level just above grade offers a place to rest tools or refreshments

As much as family rooms, gardens need to be furnished for enjoyment. This bench is particularly interesting in how it is placed. Young trees are beginning to offer a bit of privacy- a luxury on high traffic-days. Daffodils bloom at the end of winter facing the sun- their bulbs discouraging gophers year round.
Giant camellias flourish  under the oak canopy

The camellia season is setting with the dropping petals carpet the pathways. Perhaps not as spectacular as in full bloom, it is still a walk not to be missed. Looking up to the blossoms of orchard sized fruit trees still provokes perspective...

In the scheme of God's creation, we aren't so very big.

More on the Gardens of Descanso in the next post.


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What beautiful pictures. I always wished to be able to grow a camellia- too far north!