Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Golf Fore the Arts

It's that time of year again! When people of all abilities get a chance to golf and help raise funds "fore the arts and music" in our local schools.

The Walnut Valley Rotary Club will be hosting this annual event at the California Country Club in Whittier on the morning of September 6,2007. Foursomes are $500, individuals are $160 and sponsorships are welcome!

For more information or to register, give Tom Giannini a call at (626) 653-0673 .

THANK YOU Ruth Clark Photography for the lovely photograph. It was taken at the tournament last year. I'm pretty sure my golf swing is why she got this shot of me in the cart. You see, I didn't really get to take up golf until November 2005. It is my later-in life love.

For me golf is Yin and Yang balanced to harmonious perfection. It is a completely outdoor activity, but is civilized. Because it is played with others, it requires social interaction- yet it is an individual pursuit. There is mental focus and freedom of body movement within every swing. Not to mention the complete range of emotions experienced during the course of a round. The best picture no one ever got of me was from a birdie from a putt off the green. Not that I should brag, it was in a scramble tournament and the shot was set up by my teammates. But when that dimpled white ball dropped in to that cup on the fourth hole of the first tournament I ever played, my heart didn't care. I'm addicted and in need of a fix. Time to go out and practice...

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