Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Letter Appreciation Wednesday - F

To garden is to show faith that there will be a future. One where flowers will bloom with abandon.

This week I interviewed ceramicist Leslie Codina. The quote we both love was written by the German writer, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, who published in 1810, The Theory of Colours, “Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.

The peach Angels Trumpet (Brugmansia) began as a cutting from the University of Riverside's annual plant sale. In colder climates, it is grown under the protection of a glass conservatory. But here- where it rarely freezes- in open shade it reaches the full height of the patio. When the pendulous blooms wave in the evening breeze, the heady perfume calls the night pollinators to it.

Flowers bloom everywhere. Even next to my husband's shed. Tufts of lavender Armeria and swaddles of nasturtiums prove that even common flowers glorify the garden. Look closely- spot the miniature roses which beat most of the bigger ones to the festival of blossoms.

The yellow blossoms of the new Julia Child rose bush are the color of good Irish butter. Behind it, the scented geranium, around 10 AM, is the all-you-can -sip hummingbird hangout.

On the corner of the patio is this spiky thing. I bid on it at a silent auction to benefit the Southern California Horticultural Society after a glass of wine.
I do like it. Whatever it is. Not that I was sure how to safely replenish the soil as it sank beneath it- but Nan Sterman- author of the California Garden Guide, Vol II instructed me- wrap it in an old blanket and tip the pot to the side. Both the plant and I obviously survived.

Back to the letter F- I love freedom. Good food- especially enjoyed al fresco with family and friends.

And football.
Thank you to the Diamond Bar City Council and staff for exercising bold genius. The agreement negotiated regarding the proposed NFL stadium in the City of Industry - WOW! The City of Walnut chose a different path. For their own reasons. However- when it comes to litigation vs mitigation- rarely is litigation the perfect solution. I think time will teach that Diamond Bar did better with what fate brought to our border.

Now- what are your favorite things which start with the letter "F"? Have FUN!

Leslie Codina's website is at


  1. I'm with you, L, I like freedom, flowers, food, family, and friends. I also liked FRIDAYS when I worked. FABIAN (Forte) when I was sixteen. I loved my FATHER. My son is a super wonderful FATHER. I love FISH ... wiggling in an aquarium or FISH bowl, cooked or sushi/shashimi. F-15 jets. They are the sound of FREEDOM! FURNITURE is nice, or else we'd sit on the FLOOR! I love my FLAG. I love a snuggy FIRE in my wood stove. I love FIREMEN. At least we have Deputy Sheriff's so FIREMEN can have heros! LOL .. I love the FOREST. I love FRIENDLY people. Jerry loved my FEET~! FRENCH FRIES are heavenly. I really like FIFTY dollar bills. I like to have FUN.
    HUGS.... Oregon Sue

  2. Well Ladies,
    You took all the good "F" words! lol I read your blog at midnight last night but that late at night I can't think so saved it for this morning. Just let me say that your two took all the FANTASTIC words already.:):)
    Love the pics Lydia!
    XO Trisha

  3. OK, I had a kaniption Fit when I saw there were no words left with an F! Should I tell you I used to like French kissing? Tee hee, Judy

  4. Sometimes it is hard to come up with a word "on command". There are fajitas,fudge and french wines. Which reminds me- I received some notes that my recipes are missed- so will have to schedule more in.

  5. It is a true JOY to see all the Beauty that abounds in your Garden....Those Angel Trumpets are stunning!
    And I think that "spiky" thing is some sort of Agave....There are so very many kinds, you know. I think it is a particularly Beautiful one, by the way, but then I am very partial to spiky!
    Here's another "F" for you, which describes your Garden...."FANTASTIC"!!!

  6. Thank you Naomi for the Agave name. You have such a wonderful garden yourself. Your blog is a true treasure of what is possible in the hills in the LA basin


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