Wednesday, April 14, 2010

"F" Words

Joe Biden has his favorite "F" word. I have mine. Actually- I have a whole set. Now that they are budding to bloom, let's raise a toast to Fuchsias.
Fuchsia flowers dangle like a Degas ballerina posed mid-twirl; a subliminal message that it is better to be remembered for keeping a colorful garden than for uttering colorful language.

Reminding us- It is best to conjure up healthy parts of the imagination. Fuchsias add enchantment. What little girl hasn't dreamed that at night- the sepal jackets and corolla skirts are plucked from the plant by fairies to wear dancing in the dark?

I look at Fuchsias and I see what is good about America. I see immigrants welcomed. Sheltered and fed. We learn what is needed- and we provide what resources are needed to flourish. In return- they give us beauty we could never achieve on our own.

God bless the American imagination. Long may she flourish.

These images of fuchsia standards were captured at

Persson's Nursery Inc‎
3115 East Sierra Madre Boulevard, Pasadena, CA 91107-2037
(626) 792-6073‎

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Fushias...another favorite of mine! Love your Degas discription.
"F Words" ... family, friends, father, food, fascination, fidelity, flibbertigibbet,fandango, fudge, fiddley-de, and fun.
Love and hugs...
xo Oregon Sue