Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Philosophy- God's Handwriting

Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything that is beautiful; for beauty is God's handwriting.

—Ralph Waldo Emerson

What do you suppose God is saying with the bounty of beauty bestowed? That he loves us? That  His love is boundless in expression? That He wants to communicate?

My garden is my thank you note back. A sign of respect.

How does it feel to work hard, knowing my greatest achievement will never match his humblest offering?  Realizing the greatest teacher is always at my side, encouraging.

Look at the tiny bee. What is the lesson?  He wants us to read in the blank spaces created by the great bee disappearing act? Perhaps He is challenging us to active patience.

Flowers bloom here year round. Labor intensive abandon isn't to every taste. Or schedule. Or budget. No matter- writing style  is not limited to flowers associated with bouquets. Fruits, vegetables; many start their lives as blossoms as sure as we started as babies. Think of them as words we eat.

God doesn't tell so much as He shows. In 33 years of keeping hillside gardens, we've never suffered a bee shortage.

Now, go out and send a note written in flowers on the pad of your garden, be it acreage or a pot. Be patient. Faithful in your resolve and expectation that in His time, He will write back: sending bees to continue the conversation. In all endeavors, doing our part requires action. Even on days like today, when the temperature flirts with triple digits- making the writing slow.

Image by Gene Sasse. Used with permission


Oregon Sue said...

You are right, He is showing us his love through the beauty that surrounds us. I thank Him profusely daily for all of it, from the tiniest bird to the most colorful sunset. I love the bumble bees that are attacking my lavender plants and the artichoke blooms.

Frequent Traveler said...

Love repaid with love is a bounty of riches:)

Enjoy God's Garden, dear Lydia, with you as his gardener!

Lydia said...

Dear Sue- It is good to be at peace with bumblebees.

Loving Annie- Ah- GREAT quote.