Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Garden Blooming Blog Day Dec 2010

Merry Christmas!  May your season be full of flowers.

In Diamond Bar, we are blessed to able to enjoy the flowers even in the deadest of winter.

A dark pink carpet rose is just so lovely against the clear blue winter sky. Which don't hate me- the lows have been in the 50's and highs touching the 80 degree mark.  If you live in the Tundra- trust me- it is human to want what you can't have. We want snow. Fess up- you want our warm winters.

Now- eat your heart out. The strawberries next to the spa are waiting for us to put on our swimsuits and pick our snack.

As the sun goes down- the color in the sky flows like hot lava. You don't need a compass to know which direction is west. Just follow your heart. 

For me, the geography of place lead me to create not a school figure scholastically correct garden. My garden is more about a welcoming spirit. Here butterflies float by, hummingbirds sit around watching what trouble the puppies will get into next. 

Sometimes the food chain gets a bit out of control. It doesn't matter, this garden is my heart and it is home.

Blessings and Merry Christmas!


  1. Isn't it lovely to have so much color this time of year?! Oooh, strawberries, too. Lovely colors all around. Merry Christmas!

  2. It tasted even better than it photographed!

  3. Your sunset shot is beautiful.

  4. We have God to thank for the sky's color. That was straight point, shoot and crop to fit.

  5. Lovely roses ... and great looking strawberries. Loved your beautiful sky shot too! Such great colours.

  6. Lydia,

    Beautiful flowers and that strawberry.....can't believe you ate it already! :) Well I guess it will be a while until you go into the spa, right?
    Photos are lovely. No, I am not longing for snow here but I am so pleased that today was cool again. Tonight I am sitting here wearing a jacket at my computer. Love it that way at Christmas time!

    Hugs, XO Trisha

  7. That rose is just beautiful. The strawberry looks pretty good too :-)

  8. You have been getting much better weather in southern California than we have here in the north. Beautiful blossoms and those strawberries...!

  9. That strawberry looks delicious! Do you think you could send a little of that warmth this way. It is iceberg cold here!

  10. Sigh...... I do have my Christmas cactus blooming... in my bathroom~! And the grass is green from all the rain.

    Your garden is lovely year-round, but I wouldn't trade moving back to LA for anything! 4 seasons here is fine with me. Thanks for sharing and do LOVE that sunset!!! xo

  11. aloha

    i love your colors, great photos...and strawberries by the hot tub, pour me some champagne and its a party :)


  12. I am, indeed, crushingly jealous of the strawberries!

  13. Your part of the world looks so lovely. The sunset & the rose are just beautiful.


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