Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cottage Flora Thursday- Diamond Bar Edition

A home is not a home without a garden. Since I was a child and began to dream about gardens, my imaginations were filled with color. Is it the same for you?

Rosa 'Betty Boop'

The  last week of June is finishing. The race to beat the heat with major garden chores is fast approaching the finish line. Since attitude is everything, think of pruning as a chance to rescue clippings.  Sort of a really green reduce-reuse- recycling.

Which is the story of how the leggy trio of Betty Boop roses that front the dining patio became the base for this arrangement. I love how well the colors repeat with bell shaped trumpet vine (campsis radicans)- their golden sleeves and red-orange throats  held within the arms of the roses. A bit of variegated Swedish Ivy peeks out like a lacy slip.

Still, the arrangement lacked structure. A quick lopping off the succulent heads of Aeonium 'Sunburst'

Tall arrangement belong on sideboards- or in this case, a window ledge
Treating an outdoor space as a room is through subtle touches. On the wall hangs a vintage wooden platter, a memento of my Californian upbringing. Holiday weekends were filled with feasting. My mother would heap that platter with grapes and fruits for her daughters to grab from while we waited for the 'main event' - the barbecue, to finish.

The variegated ficus, potted up so she doesn't take over or lifted up. See how she sits in the corner- like a drapery treatment tied up?

Thank you to Fishtail Cottage for hosting this Open House. Due to technical difficulties, I almost thought this post was lost. Hooray for my hero husband. It paid to marry my handsome geek. 

Justin case the system upgrade going on downstairs takes a few days- please have a safe celebration this coming Independence Day


Anonymous said...


Beautiful arrangement! I had to sit and look for awhile to get a feel for where it was sitting and if it was your creation. Sure enough as I read on, it was, and is sitting on the ledge outside your kitchen window. Lovely. The Betty Boops are so interesting and pretty.
My neighbors have the most gorgeous roses in their front yard I have ever seen. They are a deep deep velvet looking red. Wish I could sneak over with my clippers! :)
You have a wonderful 4th too! Wish you would join us for the festivities at DBHS.

XO Trisha

Lydia said...

Oh Trisha- I bet you could ask your neighbors for a clipping and they would be happy to oblige. You ought to ask if they have a tag so you could tell me- I'm dying to know.

nikkipolani said...

Love the bright colors of your roses, Lydia. So vibrant for your outdoor room.

Anonymous said...

Your arrangement is beautiful! I never think of using succulents for bouquets, but your Sunburst aeoniums may change my mind. And your Betty Boop roses almost look camellias -- which, come to think of it, would be a great substitute in the wintertime.
Happy 4th!

Lydia said...

Good morning Nikki- Color is as good as caffeine to wake up to and stay on an even balance.

Good morning Joan- I often stick succulents or branches of citrus to add a bit of substance to flower arrangements.

Fishtail Cottage said...

Thank you so much for linking up to Cottage Flora Thursday's at Fishtail Cottage! Gorgeous Betty Boop! xoxo, tracie

Cottage Dome said...

I like your Betty Boop roses. I'd like to incorporate some into my landscape in the future.