Friday, July 15, 2011

Garden Blooming Blog Day- GBBD July 2011

 Welcome to the July garden walkabout. The most intense feature of the summer garden  this week wasn't a flower...

Backyard Coyote
Coyotes are handsome animals. If you see one, the best thing you can do (for him and you) is not make him feel welcome. Jump. Shout. Make like a crazy person.   As one unfortunate family in Diamond Bar found out this week- use extreme caution in installing doggie doors.  

At the curb- Evelyn is aging gracefully. She's fussy about wanting attention. When she gets it- in the way of regular water, fertilizing and grooming- she rewards with the purest scent of rose reaching up to heaven- the angels lean over to inhale. I like to think the walkers who pause in front of her are doing so also- but I suspect it may be the second steepest street grade in Diamond Bar that is more responsible for them needing to catch a breath.
Stephanotis (Madagascar Jasmine)
Angel Face Geraniums grown from cuttings.
The twin stephanotis vines reaching to hold hands above the front picture window are late to bloom this year- defining better late than never. If the Jehovah's Witness ladies only knew- they would deliver their pamphlets at dusk- when the bridal bouquet favorite begins to scent the air. 
Daylily 'South Seas'

Daylily 'South Seas' is the most vibrant hued daylily in my collection. Picked up at the Kellogg Ranch  Cal Poly Farm Store last year- one more year of sturdiness ought to  create some blooming magic as her tangerine blossoms are set off by a backdrop of purple wands of blooming  Mexican Sage.

In the backyard-

The miniature rose doesn't mind that we've lost her name tag.
The staggered heights of Meyer Lemon, Rose of Sharon and Albizia Julibrissen (Silk floss) trees offer welcome shade

 The tomatoes are finally the color red of my mother's favorite lipsticks: fire engine.
The patch of strawberries have yielded two bowls of fruit in just this week.

There is more to share. Please come back to see!

Coyote image by Gene Sasse. Used with permission


  1. Lydia,
    What a great shot of that young, healthy coyote.
    Your coyotes are probably a lot like my deer. I want them to pose long enough for a picture, then scram for good.
    Your South Seas daylily with Mexican sage is a fabulous combination!

  2. Evelyn is definitely a diva! But it looks like you're treating her right because she's blooming beautifully! Wonderful things blooming in your world :-)

  3. Hey, Joan! I want the coyotes to take the gophers and GO!

    Nikki - I'm behind on my reading- I NEED to get to your blog tomorrow. When I don't see your images, the week doesn't seem finished!

  4. Everything looks so Lush and Beautiful, Lydia....'Evelyn"....WOW! And everything else, too....And those Tomato's....FABULOUS! And The Strawberry's---YUMMMMMMM! You have the Green Thumb filled with Love, my dear....!

  5. How pretty are your roses...wish I had strawberries like yours!

  6. Lydia,

    How great! Beautiful flowers to grace your garden and inside your home. I am so jealous of your beautiful tomatoes! Ours just aren't growing! Strawberries too! Terrific!

    Hugs, Trisha

  7. Good morning OOLH and Classic- Strawberries are under-utilized as a groundcover. Go for it!

  8. Good morning, Trisha! Don't give up on the tomatoes- the crops are late this year. The bonus is- with patience and God's grace- we just might be enjoying fresh tomatoes between Halloween and Thanksgiving.

  9. I don't mean I don't think I got room for another rose like 'Evelyn', I know I don't. But I'm going to scour the countryside to find an 'Evelyn' for this fall and then scour every inch of my property and maybe even some of the neighbor's too, a foot or two....:-) just to have a look at that beauty when it blooms and I hope it looks just like yours. By the way, thanks for your nice thoughts and good wishes today, I appreciate it.....

  10. Hey, Paul! Your wife is going to love 'Evelyn' of Crabree and Evelyn fame.


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