Saturday, November 12, 2011

Healing begins with Hope and Truth

Saint Jude Chapel Stained Glass by Ann Pope of the Judson Studios
A small plaque just inside the Chapel is inscribed with the words of Ann Pope, the stained glass artist with the venerable Los Angeles craftsman Judson studios behind the symbolism of the chapel's window wall.  

"The effect I have tried to achieve is that of a curtain hung from the ceiling, being rent and torn by the power of the "light" and peeling away from the very framework which encapsulates it."

In describing the design scheme and colors " the grey curtain with a blue lining represents the world in which we live with all the varying shad of light and dark. the netting is symbolic of the complexities of our lives, and the flesh tone behind the netting is the gentle calmness achieved after over coming these complexities." 

There is a final layer of clear glass expressing "there is pure light we have been promised in heaven." The position of the tabernacle she points out plays a very important role. All movement is directed to this point, a starting point for both hope and truth."

It has been a great pleasure being served by medical professionals that enjoy their work. That say "God Bless you" as they go off shift.   What those lacking bedside manner is not related to their ability to tell the truth.  The best professionals know to tell the truth kindly with hope.

Truth in its own can be cold and callous. If it is all a doctor is interested in, he will never be more than a mechanic of people.

However, truth told with kind respect for the patient gives hope.  Doctors who practice this style of medicine are healers.

Panoramic Images by Judson Studios, specializing in stained, faceted and architectural glass since 1897.


  1. We all want the truth, but it sure makes a difference if it is dispensed with kindness and caring...And indeed, this gives "hope". Prayers coming your way, dear Lydia.....And "hope" that all will be well with your dear husband, very very soon.

  2. Thank you.

    I expect everything to be better than ever in just a very short while.

  3. Lydia,

    Don't know how I missed this one but thankfully I have you in "Favorites" and go there and check often.
    Oh what a gorgeous chapel and window! Beautiful! Love the description.
    You are so right about the medical profession. A "bedside manner" is so important to sick folks and their families too.
    Prayers continuing for Ger!
    Hugs to you both!
    XO Trisha

  4. Wishing you and your Gerry all the best with his recovery!

  5. Thank you, Joan. He has wonderful doctors working hard to speed him back home and to the profession he always wished to work in.


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