Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Giant Gingerbread House

12' high by 12' wide and 6' deep, the diminuative 72 square foot Swiss chalet  gingerbread house inside TAPS  Fish House and brewery at Dos Lagos in Corona is nothing short of enchanting.

Carpenter-designed framing crafted off-site, the structural integrity was assured when it was  brought into the restaurant to be sheathed in a gingerbread recipe by Culinary Director Tom Hope.  With a stained glass front window of rolled butterscotch, the inside sprayed with chocolate icing,  it was time for "the crew" of 8 to get to work on gluing decorative touches with icing.

400 pounds of gingerbread
750 pounds of icing
95 pounds of vanilla wafers
20 pounds of marshmallows
and a gazillion holiday candies

 Gum drops, gum balls, fruit slices, starlight mints and assorted hard candies

 100 man-hours- Anyone care to calculate the calories?

 If your inner-child isn't already for the cheerfulness of the season- get a gander at the complex character made by the balloon-master.


OldLady Of The Hills said...

THIS IS FANTASTIC!!! Truly Amazing....! Do they do this every year? It is such an enormous undertaking and no doubt quite costly, too....But, if this doesn't put you in the mood fpr Christmas....nothing will! (lol)
Thank you, my dear....This Is Truly Beautiful!

nikkipolani said...

Wow wow wow. I calculated the calories given the weight of the ingredients you posted and used USDA nutrient database (and assumed 500lbs of jelly bean type candies) and came up with around 3.5 million calories. However. There wasn't a calorie value for glue so we may be off a bit...

Lydia said...

Merry Christmas, Naomi and Nikki,
I am laughing out loud at the calorie estimate. That is A LOT of sit-ups):-

Mary Ann Pickett said...

Gingerbread houses have always been a source of wonder for me,
Hope you have a Merry Christmas.
Mary Ann

nikkipolani said...

I was thinking, Lydia, that anyone attempting those 3.5 million calories will also have a really really bad stomach ache! Merry Christmas, my friend.

Unknown said...

Hi I know the balloon guy and I helped make tha gingerbread house!!!!

Lydia said...

Karissa- if you do another- I should love to see how one so giant is crafted.