Saturday, December 10, 2011

Life Unzipped

Assorted Roses and flowers from my garden in a jar that used to hold a candle

Forgive me. I haven't forgotten you. The last month has been like a computer file- large enough to need to be zipped- but no time to do so.  Not to excuse- to explain

My husband's healing went from short sprint to a more mortal furlong.  We ask God for a bit of patience through some unanticipated "ouch" time. We anticipate that Gerry will soon not only be a medical miracle, but someone feeling GREAT enough to enjoy being a living testament to when God's grace holds hands with skilled and caring medical practitioners.  Before the year is out, we have some serious thank you letters to send out.

Termites know what a wonderful climate Southern California. Those that took up residence here did not ask permission. With a spouse in recovery and unable to pack away food or move mountains of potted plants away from around the house and under the patio covers, it was not convenient. With a good bid from Western Exterminators- the invaders were given the death penalty. 

While the house was under the tent, the puppies went to PetSmart Pets Hotel for 4 days of relaxation with play dates and doggie ice cream. We adults set up camp with my mother-in-law. 

Back home- the kitchen and pantry cabinets are washed and restocked.  Tomorrow I hope to erase the garden disruption from the consequences of hiring a fumigation tent . If fortune and the sun shine, I may even have time to paint a wall so the firewood can be re stacked before the rains start. Just thinking about it my muscles are telling me to call the massage therapist first):-

Life is now pointed straight to the normal seasonal busy.  There are stories to write. Presents to Wrap. Decorations to put up. Mail to send. But if it doesn't all go smoothly, I will not care.

No matter what. In 2012, I start the year with a healthy husband, a healthy house- and we are all surrounded by a bountiful garden.


Anonymous said...

Obviously Lydia, you've learned the lesson that was intended for you. God bless you and Gerry and just take it day by day.


OldLady Of The Hills said...

May everything continue on the upswing, my dear Lydia---ESPECIALLY Gerry's Healing. The Roses from your Garden are simply superb! So very Beautiful---it makes me feel better just looking at them here on your blog....It must be fantastic to see them there in your so loved and cared for beautiful garden, my dear....!
Blessings on you all and a great blessing the Termites have gone Bye Bye! May the Holiday Season bring nothing but Joy, my dear...A Very Very Merry Christmas and an extremely wonderful New Year!

Lydia said...

Good morning Judy and Naomi- Thank you for the good wishes and reminder of just how fortunate I am.

MUCH better to be rid of the termites than a husband):- It could have gone the other way.

Oregon Sue said...

Glad to 'hear' the upbeat in your musings. Continued good health and happiness. xo

Anonymous said...


So happy to see your blog back. More than happy that you are sounding positive and it looks as tho it will be a Happy Happy Christmas and New Year for you and Ger.
May the new year bring many more blessing your way and may it be a healthy and happy one for you both.
Much love and continued prayers,

XOXO Trisha

Sharon Lovejoy said...

Sending love, love, and lots of healing thoughts. Please take care of yourself dear Lydia. So much to shoulder and what does it matter if the wall doesn't get painted for another year?



nikkipolani said...

Lydia, those roses of yours are as pretty as a painting. I'm sorry Gerry's healing is taking time. Praying for your family.

Anonymous said...


So glad to hear that you and Gerry are back on track. Termites are no fun -- but especially not in the midst of all that you've been through.

Wishing you and your family all the best during the holidays!