Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Uplifting Power of Music

"Music can evoke positive emotions, which in turn can lower stress levels. In a survey study, positive emotions were experienced more often and more intensively in connection with music listening. The more the participants liked the music, the less stress they experienced. To get the positive effects of music, you have to listen to music you like."

University of Gothenburg, March 2012

Remember when Julie Andrew's sang "The hills are alive with the sound of music. "  All these years later I feel the same uplifting message from the birdsong playlist that runs pretty continuously here.  Above, a California Thrasher made himself at home in the old Victorian feeder while its tube section was being cleaned. Preferring to limit his range to the chaparral covered hillsides of California, the long curved beak work like chopsticks to pick out exactly what item he wants to eat. Which can be anything from bugs to berries. 

 If you are very fortunate- some avian will find a place to sing so close to where you sit inside that you will hear the lullabies over the household mechanical systems. 

Near our backdoor, every year little tweeties make a nest atop the security light. Perhaps it is incubator-warm up there. As long as little hatchlings don't take a tumble, it is as safe from predators as I can imagine. It's too awkward a position to even angle a camera lens for a peek-a-boo.  

So Gerry used me for a decoy.  While the mommy bird chased me down the side yard, my husband put up the little reflecting mirror to center a picture of the eggs in the nest.  Soon she fluffed her feathers back in her bed. In just a few days little sopranos will prod her with their vocalized demands. 

As long as there is Nyjer seed- there will be finch flying in. Gerry's taught me the setting to capture the birds paddling through the air currents like fish across water.  

A young man helped me in the garden not long ago. He had never seen a hummingbird at rest. Ah, the things we take for granted. Sometimes it strikes me- my normal is hardly normal. We have been sublimely blessed in our partnership with God and his natural world. 

Last week a major check off the to-do list was accomplished. My fellow bloggers and bloggesses- please forgive that as I catch up with the requirement of responsible living- I am somewhat behind on the reading what I most adore- yours.  

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OldLady Of The Hills said...

Such special Visitors---This is such a Beautiful time of year, isn't it? All the Birds---But especially, the Hummers...So very sweet and dear. I look forward to the pictures of those Hatched Babies....! (A Mirror--How Smaer!!)

Oregon Sue said...

Good blog. Love little finches. So busy! As for your yard helper never seeing a hummer at rest... it's amazing what we don't see.... sometimes you just have to stop and look. Take the time. Enjoy. xo

nikkipolani said...

What a smart way to see those precious eggs! I remember one year, walking up the stairs at Cal State Fullerton's art building and noticing a little hummer nest tucked against the glass window like a made-for-Discovery-Channel setup. So sweet!