Monday, July 16, 2012

GBBD - The Garden in Context

"In my garden there is a large place for sentiment. My garden of flowers is also my garden of thoughts and dreams. The thoughts grow as freely as the flowers, and the dreams are as beautiful. "

 ~ Abram L. Urban  

Orange Bells aka Tecoma  elata

Bees stir the morning air, filling it with the morning hum familiar on the morning walk about the garden with our dogs. 7ish, the hummingbirds chase away the army of bees, taking their turn sipping nectar. Sometime between the sprinklers and  the full sun sky, the butterflies du jour waltz about.

The north slope, a sliver of hillside leading to the backyard, is a tangle of contrasting colors. The hot pink flowers of crepe myrtle trees match the intensity of the Tecoma Orange Bells, with the lavender wands of the Strawberry Lemonade® Butterfly Bush (Buddleja 'davidii Monrell') soothing the scene. 

The context of last week is my new computer  blue screened out. Finally- a blue I didn't like.  My cell phone disappeared. Fortunately, this inconvenient episode began conveniently hours past my last deadline  of the week. Whew!  

I decided to take this as a sign from above to take a few days to reconfigure life-patterns, which were getting as out of control as the front garden, shown above. 

 The blue pedestal of a bird bath barely shows behind the Flower Carpet® PINK rose in bloom, yet that touch of indigo imperceptibly elevates the interest of a simple scene. In planning a garden, it is safe to assume that the smallest detail will adds that bit of visual punch we dream of.  

My  Garden Blogger's Bloom Day entry would not be complete without the hedge of 'Our Lady of Guadalupe' Roses - a gift from a niece- showing off its blooms.  

All this color is in stark contrast the the "natural" context of the canyon eco-system. 

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 A number of readers mentioned how scrawny the coyote looked. 

Speaking to my wildlife expert, the reason is most likely that this coyote is only about 6 months old. If he stays out of harm's way, his coat should fill out this coming winter.

See how magnificently the Creator crafted his coat to completely camouflage him into the brush. He hasn't been seen since that day. The bunnies are back. Now the squirrels have joined in the mix. 

The pair of Coopers Hawks cruise the canyon skies for hours on end. We have a remote gadget now for  the camera. Perhaps we shall be able to catch the skill with which they careen through the branches after their prey.

Looking at the native chaparral and the country garden where I spend hours , I see self- evidence of a gardener who likes a challenge. What do you see?


  1. Lydia, I've never seen your place so in bloom! Oh, I wouldn't care if the PC worked or not. I'd be outside in that lovely scene all day and evening.

    I aspire to your beautiful plants and flowers, but here in my world, they water is included in HO Association and so they encourage you to plant low maintenance and low water plants. Not being a big fan of cactus, but loving the color like you have so much of, they will eventually say something to me because all my additions are flowering lovelies!
    In the meantime, keep inspiring me!

    Judy in Seal Beach

  2. I see such great Beauty and such great LOVE! That you LOVE your garden and shower it with such care is so very obvious from all your pictures--ALWAYS, Lydia!
    Such beautiful colorful images....LOVE those Quadalupe Roses....I'd like to get close in on them with my camera---And close in on those delightful bunnies and squirrels, too....! I'm glad to hear that your Coyote will fill out as he gets to be more than a teenager...!
    I always enjoy your Garden Posts more than I can say....!

  3. How lovely your north slope is with all the blooms. The bees, hummers, and butterflies must really enjoy the riot of blossoms. I hear coyotes sometimes here but have only seen one in my yard in 19 years. I miss the long gardening season and winter gardening of San Diego, but I had an allergy to the chaparral so garden more healthily up here in the Pacific Northwest. Happy GBBD!

  4. Dear Judy, Naomi and Hannah- It is a blessing to wake up to such generous comments!Thank you.

  5. I am in love with the colors in your garden! Just perfect. Your phohtographs show a lot of love as well. Keep up the good work. xo

  6. I'm so sorry about the convergence of technical difficulties! But you're right -- sometimes it's God's way of hitting the reset button. I always enjoy glimpses of your garden and inhabitants. And, yes, you're very welcome to some cupani seeds :-)

  7. Wow...such a must like a challenge!


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