Thursday, October 25, 2012

Tuscon IV ~ La Paloma ~ GWA Symposium

 I'm a lawn lover. Maybe the last of my kind in Southern California. One of my goals this autumn is to return my rabbit-ravaged turf to emerald green, like this shot across the La Paloma Course.  

The  Garden Writer's Association Board of the directors met with first timers and mentors at the clubhouse for an introduction.  

Thank you to Espoma Company  for sponsoring this ice breaker where CL Fornari loosened us up with her rendition of garden-centric news 

Photo from Brent and Becky's Bulbs Catalog
The crowd broke into small groups to talk about their wish lists for our profession. My group included Becky (of Brent and Becky's Bulbs). She  dreams of magazines advancing anticipation of products when they are on the shelves, rather than waiting until the shelves are depleted- discouraging the consumer. 

Venelin Dimitrov spoke passionately about how seeds are "the last great bargain on earth"  and Burpee's  commitment to bringing beauty and hope to military families through their  Welcome Home Garden Program.   Note to self: find out if this program is in California, and if it isn't- how do we hook-up our military personnel and their loved ones. 

Very big on everyone's minds are children's gardens- particularly raised beds filled with basil and sweet-smelling herbs. 

Over at the  Vendor Exhibit, John Schoustra and his wife surround the ever-smiling Joan Bolton. John has two passions in life. To bring ever improved varieties of daylilies to market and to breed the best plants for our moderate California climate. Insider secret: If you see his name associated with a plant, you know it is good. His clientele includes the perfectionists who  send their landscapers to  his Greenwood Gardens match their flower palette to the colors in their patio Persian rugs. 

This is just so sweet a logo, I had to include it. 

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