Tuesday, January 1, 2013

HAPPY NEW YEAR~ Life's Meaning and Happiness

"Be at War with your Vices, at Peace with your Neighbours, and let every New Year find you a better Man."  Or woman.
Ben Franklin

Happy New Year!   The world did not end. Again. A lesson in the wisdom of ignoring naysayers. 

In the moments between the traditional New Year Football Menu- which in this household can be shortened to the  expected result- heartburn- why not consider how happiness is  found, 

Live you life with hopeful expectation that it will be long and meaningful. God doesn't make mistakes in how he's made us- but he certainly lets us go through struggles. Best to dress your actions in accountability- with accents of fun.  

Trevor, our oldest son came home to parents paddling through projects that were mating and begetting ever more work. His presence slowed us down. During his precious rare appearance, reminding us that we are worth more simply as people than the sum of what we might ever own. 

We closed out the last day of 2012 in a very living room with a camera; a couple flashlights and laser pointers  aimed at a white bit of paper taped up to make a screen. A tripod held the camera for long exposures as he went to doodling.

Above is one of our favorites. When he was in kindergarten, the doodle would have gone on the refrigerator. Now children of all ages, their artwork goes on the Internet. 

I will forget how much work got muscled through the last 2 months. I will get past the computer going on its " holiday vacation." The burglary will be in put in perspective. I will never, ever forget how much it meant to have a grown son love us enough to make some real time to be with us. 

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  1. Much to think about and much to be grateful for, too!
    HAPPY NEW YEAR, My Dear Lydia.


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