Saturday, February 16, 2013

How to Throw a Baby Shower ~The French Estate~ Morris Girls Style ~ Part II

"Of all the joys that lighten suffering earth, What joy is welcomed like a new-born child?"
~ Annie Norton
The framed  "Cute as a Button" onesie was found on Etsy 

How did we get to this day when the Morris Girls decorated The French Estate with the theme "Cute as a Button"? With a love story.
Shannon Morris Plunk
Kenny and Shannon wore their high school uniforms for their engagement photos

It was love at first sight for Kenny. My son 16 and Shannon was 14 when he spotted this beautiful blond wearing the Diamond Bar High School baseball cap. Shannon wasn't allowed to date until she was 16: Kenny spent the next two years in her family's den watching football with her father. The season never ended: only the ball changed. Two years later, Shannon and Kenny were allowed to date.

Standing (L-R) Sarah Maxwell and  Maggie Stevens Brown
Seated (L-R) Sher Stevens and Billie Plunk
Maggie is in a race with Shannon - their babies are due a week apart):-
The Morris family decided to move closer to their business interests. Good thing their intent was not to separate Kenny and Shannon):-  The first house they looked at- you could see it from favorite Uncle Eric the- baseball- player's backyard. The home they finally picked - Eric's wife Billie - one of her best female friend's daughter went to Shannon's new high school. Hence the connection between our families never really severed. 

Frames were spray painted in Krylon " Ballerina Pink" and "Watermelon."
Shannon's sister, Kelly became the Frugal Decorator for the baby shower. Her hypothesis " Spray paint can redeem any beat up frame" which she owned lots of. The few extra she needed, she augmented with "some from the Dollar Store."   To add pizzazz, our Frugal Decorator reinforced the party theme with sewing related embellishments.  

Kelly continues " We had lots of Mason jars from the bridal shower Shannon gave to her BFF , so I decided to reduce, reuse and recycle them " into a fresh set of decorations.

Pre-shower refreshments were served in a fire-lit side-room.  Between the ice bucket filled with an assortment of  alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and the fireplace  was a bassinet filled with disposable diapers.

This little sign told us to take a diaper, grab some markers - and have fun decorating. Ages ago, a friend spelled out 'We are having a baby" on diapers to surprise her family.  Kelly played with the idea, deciding "Why not write messages on the booties of the diapers to make the mommy and daddy laugh." 

 How marvelous to have something "to do" during what is often that awkward time between guest arrival and formalities.

Pink, the signature color for a baby girl's shower took the lead in decorations. 

The pincushion party favors for the guests "from Shannon and Baby" were hand crafted from saved Mason jars filled with pink tape measures, safety pins and buttons. 

Shannon and her sisters inherited their artistic style from their mother, Jeannie. For vases, their mother ordered big Mason jars online from Ace Hardware. She wrapped them in twine and ribbon. The local florist provided clouds of baby breath to cuddle the roses from Sam's Club- so close to Valentine's Day this was decided to be the most reliable resource. A ribbon bow tie secured with florist wire   ~ voila! 

With lunch about to be served, the guests turned in our decorated diapers.  

How was the food? Were the games embarrassing? Any trends in gifts? Stay tuned... 

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OldLady Of The Hills said...

So much loving thought has gone into this very wonderful party...Everything looks so pretty and everything so creative.....
I look forward to hearing about the food....! LOVED the back story on this wonderful couple.....!

Anonymous said...

Oh Lydia, loved seeing all the beautiful decor and the lovely ladies too. What talent those girls have with decorating. It would be interesting to see how they have decorated their homes.

I am looking forward to hearing about the food and would love to hear about some of the gifts too. What did grandma give? You are great with decor too and I can imagine your gift was a knock out!

Deb and her cousin were having a race to see whose baby would be born first. Cousin's baby girl was born two days after Isabella. They have lots of notes to compair!

Looking forward to the next installment!

XOXO Trisha

nikkipolani said...

Love all the creativity infused in this event. Had no idea Shannon and Kenny had been together so long ;-)

Lydia said...

Naomi- I live for back-stories):-

Trisha- It's fun horse-trading how alike our different lives are.

Nikki- You would have loved the day.