Wednesday, April 10, 2013

April bloom- The Roots of My Obsession

Welcome back.   When the garden is in bloom, it is time to share.

Up close, the yellow of  the rose Julia Child is rich like fine Irish  butter

  The roses, iris and and geraniums were pruned from my garden this morning.  I sometimes buy milk in glass bottles- you really can't purchase a more charming vase for less.  The only thing better than how the duo looked on the counter were the smiles on the housekeepers' faces when they left, each with their own. 

 Yes, I own a color wheel. But truth be known, it gets spun more than referenced):-  I don't garden for any intellectual purpose at all. I garden for the glorious hallelujah chorus of birds and bloom.  For exhilaration and  exoneration. All mistakes are forgiven for they become the compost on which future success grows. 

I write with a prayer that this obsession in contagious. 

I confess: when it comes to African Violets, I am a mass murderer. If they unionized, they could refuse to be condemned via my shopping cart.

However, over the years I have amassed a small collection of cache pots and a bit of moss left over from other projects- for $1.99 at Trader Joe's- the table has a centerpiece and the compost pile a future component.   A win-win for everyone. Except maybe the African violet);- 

 I used to be afraid of the bees buzzing over the lavender. Now I live for those moments when they let me into "their" space to take a picture.    

The Roots of My Obsession came home with me from Portland. I read the 30 essays edited by Thomas Cooper like a daily devotional. One very personal essay  a day, I came away thinking the world is a better place for it is full of gardeners.  

Photo by Gene Sasse 
Pacific Horticulture  is featuring a story I am thrilled to share Actively Engaged- The Purpose Driven Garden.  


  1. Everything is looking so very Beautiful..I LOVED your description of the Yellow JULIA CHILD Roses...Irish Butter....Yummmmm!

    Your Heartfelt enthusiasm for tending and loving your Garden is so very inspiring!

    I cannot believe you have problems with The African Violets....Not Possible, my dear!!!

  2. Oh, Julia Child is one of my favorite roses!

    We have a line of them along one edge of our vegetable garden and they are fabulous. However, ours are a few weeks beyond yours -- we were late pruning this year, and it will be another few weeks before they start blooming.

    Yours are already gorgeous!

  3. Mmmmmm! Luscious colors, Lydia. And it's great to read your story and see Gene's great photos of the house we visited last year.

  4. LOL- Naomi- I can grown anything except the easiest plant in the world- African Violets):-
    Joan- I bet Julia is happy living so close to all your avocados.
    Nikki- We MUST try to get a garden tour in together with roomie, too.


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