Monday, November 18, 2013

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day (GBBD) November 2013 - Roses and friends

The early morning rewards an early rise with the sun's first yawn.  How can a day beginning sky echoing through  the petals of Betty Boop roses not hold promise? 

The season of planting and harvesting, of hope and fulfillment, Autumn is always busy. 

This German rose was slow to bloom, but that was long, long ago. Back before I forgot her name. Now she sends up these mini bouquets, a thank you that I gave her a chance to prove her worth.

 This common orange butterfly weed asclepias tuberosa popped up next to my husband's shed.  Spy, just below the flower head, the caterpillar costumed in green, black and yellow stripes, climbing up the stem.  In a day's time, the team of caterpillars will have denuded the stems of leaves. Cocoons will hang about the garden- reminding me to go easy on any chemicals so that in coming warm days we will be delighted by ever more butterflies.

Sexy Rexy- What fun story must lay behind that flirty name.

A passed along tuber from friend and colleague Gene Sasse, This deep purple iris made her debut in my front garden. What a joy that she shall be fruitful and multiply.

The Tamora rose refuses to go to bed early in the year.

Julia Child- The buttery yellow petals remind me to put cream on the grocery list. Before Thanksgiving, a fresh batch of butter needs to be churned.

2013 certainly marks the year our Mary Rose came into her own. 

Protected in the alleyway between my shed and the house, the Richmond Begonia, 'Begonia 'Richmondensis'  shows off her salmon-pink blossoms throughout the year. She'll be clipped back to fill a vase where her polished  dark green leaves with red undersides can be appreciated up-close.

The green zebra striped leaves are of the ubiquitous '70's hanging houseplant  going by different aliases from airplane to spider plant, Chorlophytum comosum. An excellent air filter who doesn't mind the low light levels inside a home- some will be potted up to bring in the house. 

An ancient clump of sea lavender- Limonium perezii  greets visitors at our front door - be they walk, hop or hover in for a visit.

2013 was an excellent year for bougainvillea.  After a well-deserved rest from a record breaking summer bloom, bracts of our specimen are bursting fresh in orange, then fading to pink before falling like tissue paper-like confetti.  

Valerian -Centranthus ruber 'Coccineus' - its hot-pink mop of a flower head cheers the garden from the most unlikely places. Not just where it was planted by the conventional route digging in with a spade- it pops up in driveway cracks and in pots, even  yards away from irrigation.

Graptopetalum paraguayense ‘Pinky’ was the first plant I ordered from Annie's Annuals. Its thick succulent leaves  of jade tinged with pink are sublime wherever they set anchor.  

Time to grab that next cup of coffee- link on over to Carol May's Garden Bloggers Bloom Day  

Until we meet again, thank you for all you do to make the world more beautiful. 


Anonymous said...

Oh I just love love Sexy Rexy! What a cute name for a gorgeous flower! Also the Iris is one of my favorites. I get Glads and Irises mised up. I do think they look similar.

Lovely photos Lydia and I can see why you are hard at work in your gardens so much. Beautiful!

XO Trisha

Anonymous said...

Lydia, as usual, your roses are the envy of anyone that is graced to view them, even if it is by photo. And my favorite is the Sexy Rexy! I, like you, wonder how it got it's name! ;-)

Thanks for pointing out the catapillar. I would have totally missed it, otherwise! I'm big on saving those, too. And in my water aerobics class, I'm always rescuing drowning bee's. Scoop them up w/water and take them to the side and dump them and blow them right side up and they seem to make it usually.

Judy in Seal Beach!

Annie's Journal said...

Your sexy rexy rose is certainly eye catching:) and its name makes it even more interesting:)

If only I live near you, I would pop over to ask for butterfly weed's still in my wish list till I can discover where I can purchase the seeds where we are...So, I do admire that you have them:) Wonderful for the butterfly!

OldLady Of The Hills said...

So many things of great great Beauty, my dear....The Roses alone could make you weep in all their Glory.....And I'm guessing, but I wonder if "Sexy Rexy" was named after Rex Harrison....Just a thought.
LOVED That Caterpillar...So sweet and dear.
Your Garden is a true Treasure Lydia---And one can see the love that goes into it from your very Beautiful pictures....!

HELENE said...

Lots of beautiful flowers still in your autumn garden.