Sunday, April 13, 2014

Charley Turns One~ Theme Birthday Party ~ A Petting Zoo ~ Part 1

" What makes a party great is the guests know how much they are loved. The affair can be simple. It can be grand. Taking great liberties with Biblical interpretation-  The disciples were aghast when a woman of questionable virtue washed Christ's feet with expensive perfume- Christ was adamant that we should celebrate life while we have it." 

~ From a letter to a friend

The invitation to Charley's birthday party on the commemorative guest book
Happy Birthday! Our granddaughter  Charley is a year old.  She is just beginning to teach those whose life she touches about what is important. About love, protecting innocence and joyful sharing. 

With as few words as a grandmother who is a writer is capable  of- please enjoy images of the day as recorded by Anne Nguyen- the real person behind the beautiful images on the blog Nikkipolani. 

On my husband's side of our family, there is a great tradition of recreational horsemanship. 

Mama Shannon stayed close by
Charley is now the 4th generation of riders  in the family album.

Papa Kenny is a fortunate man
Her daddy told us when she was born, Charley could have any animal she wanted. 

Let the choosing begin... 

Maybe the soft bunny....

Goats. Ducks. Chickens. So many to choose from...

Time to let the cousins and little friends in. 


Theming the party as a Petting Zoo made the day like the world's best field trip.  But this is just the beginning... Stay tuned... The Morris family our youngest son married into- they know how to celebrate life. 

Until we meet again, Thank YOU for all YOU do to make the world more beautiful!


  1. Lydia,

    Love reading about Charley's first birthday party! Having celebrated our first grand daughter's first birthday not too long ago I was so interested in seeing the pics and reading about Charley's party. What a terrific theme to have a petty zoo. Charley looked as tho she was thoroughly enjoying the pony ride!

    Eager to see Part 2!

    XO Trisha

  2. Oh so sweet and looks like all the kids were so captured by the critters! Think I now understand your Biblical reference at the beginning. Once again I thought when viewing the look on the birthday girl's face, "wonder what she is thinking.' So cute.

    Seal Beach

  3. Hey, I recognize that party! Charley is the most sanguine one year old I know, taking strangers and bunnies and cameras and frosting in stride.


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