Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Every plant a memory~ Bell Shaped blossoms ~Gluten-Free Easter

My garden is not so full of plants as it is of memories. 
~ Me

Fuchsia Fulgens translates to Brilliant Fuchsia

Bell shaped flowers are the dangling earrings of horticulture. They sway with the plant, bidding hummingbirds to visit. 

I remember the moment when I first spotted the seductive Mexican fuchsia. It was on a pilgrimage to to Annie's Annuals and Perennials in Richmond. I could not take my eyes off this bush ornamented as tho' a beaded ball gown  She came home in my suitcase. Tucked between our his and hers sheds, it would be easy to ignore her if her slender salmon-pink- flowers, accented with green, weren't so darn flirty.   
As brugmansia flowers fade-away, they are pinched off for the next wave to set faster
The angel's trumpet started off as not much more than a rooted stick. My late mother - who loved all things tropical - picked it out for me at a plant sale at California State University, Riverside. 

On cool nights, the hanging peach blossoms of Angel's trumpet fill the air with intoxicating fragrance, calling the large moths to pollinate. My study is just to the right of where I pointed my camera- and on nights when I type into the night- sometimes the clicking of moths bumping into my window joins the drumming of the my fingers on the keyboard for a percussionist jam session of sorts.  

Our Easter destination was to share Easter with my mother-in-law.  Our oldest son picked her up to meet us at  Crossroads Church in Corona, where she is a congregant. We saw many things there I don't see in our church (we are Lutherans, who are old school traditionalists). There were spotlights scanning into the audience. Black and white paisley graphics swirling on the back wall. A rousing sermon. And loads of people being dunked fast at donuts. The music- what I remember of Rolling Stone and Led Zeppelin concerts in the 70's- the rock music of my heyday reached no further up the decibel meter.   

Then to her home. She is gluten intolerant: it is one of my great pleasures to cook for her. 

If my husband has any angst in my Bible studies, it is that I found in the definition of a noble wife, 

Proverbs 31:14~ "She is like the merchant ships, bringing her food from afar."

Orchard's Fresh Foods in Whittier is our butcher/deli of choice. It carries  a vast selection of Boar's Head Products. Ham, turkey breast, horseradish  cheddar cheese- there was enough to either feed a battalion- or have leftovers and not cook for  a week. 

Diamond Fresh Farmer's Market, the busiest parking lot in Diamond Bar, was the source of most of the produce- purple potatoes and fresh garbanzo beans are just not carried in the name-brand grocery stores.

Ros Creasy's Lavender- tinted Vichyssoise recipe from Recipes From the Garden, when you squeeze in the lemon, it really does turn this lovely color. 

Fresh garbanzo beans are quite seasonal. Their taste is more like fresh artichoke than what we know from the can.

Checking the Old Wisconsin site on my i-pad confirmed their summer sausage is gluten free. How did we shop before Apple became as known for electronics as the Garden of Eden?

Coleslaw's flavor  is pumped up with pineapple. Peanuts are pretty good, too. 

This is California. Even though it was just for vegetables marinated in lemon and orange juice and a light shaking of seasonings- grilling outdoors is our way to celebrate living in the best climate on earth. 

Until we meet again, Thank YOU for everything You do to make the world more beautiful. 



  1. Fuchsias are one of my most favorite flowers. Here in Oregon it's not possible to grow them. Darn! As well as growing citrus here, also not possible.

    Your meal looked and sounded good. Now I'm hungry for vichyssoise!
    xo Sue

  2. That brug is just glorious, Lydia, and so perfectly complements the blue of the garden shed. Right outside your study? How do you get anything DONE???

  3. Hi Sue! You could have part of your barn converted to a greenhouse to keep citrus in the winter- I know- just what you need- more work):-

    Nikki- Done? What's done?


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