Sunday, February 14, 2016

Extraordinary Ordinary

"Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet our heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?"
~Matthew 6:26

Look who is back. The Red- shouldered hawk.

 He let me walk fairly close to him before taking off across the valley, annoyed with my stalking him with the camera.

 In the potted- up ficus tree just outside the sliding door to the back, a hummingbird nest is awaiting new occupants. I've read these tiny wonders will re-use a nest. So we hope.

Open wide

We've had Robins visit us before. But not in flocks like over the past few weeks.

At times there have been dozens. Too many to count. Taking turns with the dove and finch  at the water features. Hopping about the lawn and keeping a look out from high places.

One year Weeks Roses mailed me a Dick Clark rose. It is tall and nearly ever-blooming. Even in the semi-shaded spot.

Gerry's sister Nancy
 Recently, we got together with Gerry's side of the family at Fish Camp Restaurant in Huntington Beach. His sister and her granddaughter popped in from Wyoming for a visit with Nancy's mom. Melva Plunk, while Billie and Eric went to see her side of the family in Kentucky.

Tyler and our niece, Abby are a longtime "item"

Our waiter wasn't around for a group shot, so Gerry did the honors.

Back at home, Easter ( or if you prefer, Spring) Cactus- hybrid Rhipsalidopsis gaetneri is a happy camper on the patio table.

I can't speak for anyone else's window on the world, but this was mine this morning. Finch at the feeder. Robins at the bird bath. Matilija Poppy, Romneya coulteri,  has naturalized in the  back canyon.  With 3 surgeries in 6 months, I've been banned from climbing uneven ground until the muscles have stabilized. I'll have to hire help to thin the stand which is choking one of our fig trees.

The dove on the gate reminds me how fortunate I am.  Time "off" turned into a time to get my life in order. To prioritize. To make peace and gather strength. To decide in the wisdom of  Matthew 6:26. The most useless way to occupy time is with worry. Like a rocking chair, it will keep you busy, but won't solve a thing.

Until we meet again, Thank YOU for all YOU do to make the world more beautiful.



  1. Love the bird photos!! Especially the Red Tailed Hawk. I have one of those here too and he's very shy! xo

  2. Nothing ordinary in this post, Lydia. Wonderful photos of that hawk and glimpses of your family gatherings. You are wise to venture out only through your lenses. I'm glad you are recovering and hope that you get the help you need to keep rampant plant thugs at bay ;-)

  3. Hi, Sue. Thank you. The hawk in my photo is a relative of the red tailed hawk. I had to pull my reference book out to ID as red shouldered hawk- its mostly the posture which gives it away- see how his head is kind of tucked in?

    Nikki- Thank you for the good wishes. Healing is coming along quite well. It is teaching me a little patience- and that is good.

  4. Love all the Birds that visit you---It is such a Gift---for you and them! I had no idea you have been through all these medical proceadures---I hope you will continue to heal and to enjoy all the wonderful Wildlife that come and visit you, my dear.....! They are Healing, aren't they?

  5. Dear Naomi - Glad you popped up. Yes- living closely with nature is healing. All procedures were successful. The lasting difference between before and now is I am ever more grateful for the many blessings around me. And I am more observant- a tad more cautious. All of which was worth the temporary inconvenience.


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