Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Rosemary Tree is Up and Decorated

The ovens are cleaned right after Thanksgiving. To my mind that makes the slate clean to bring in Christmas. The doe-see-doe of changing Thanksgiving to Christmas has begun in earnest. The succulent cornucopia is now at home outside and the rosemary topiary anchors the decorations on my kitchen island.
The ribbon featuring gingerbread men and candycanes festooning the tree was found at I Love Country in La Habra. The rest of the decorations have been added to each year.

This layering of the decorations may not be the most professional way to do things. But it keeps the holiday spirit alive. There is both consistency in the familiar. And the mind stays open to discover new additions for the family to notice when the family gathers.


Anonymous said...

My Friend! I can't tell you how much I love your writing and your pictures!! It's all wonderful and you paint such vivid pictures with words!!
As for the Rosemary tree, last Christmas Edda presented John with one for Christmas! I kept it on the patio table and would go out and snip whatever whenever I needed. However, unlike you, I don't think much about plants once they are outside so eventually in the hot summer, it finally gave up and withered away! Drat!
I loved every article and especially loved that you mentioned praying for the missing grand children of our friend.
Thank you for this wonderful and uplifting treat!!
Oh, hey! Would you please come over and paper my shelves too??:):)
XOXO Trisha

Lydia said...

Merry Christmas Trisha!
When you get your next Rosemary Topiary, when you are done with it inside, if you don't want to deal with potting it up, have John post it in his vegetable garden. The scent of rosemary is objectionable to rabbits. It won't eradicate them, put it helps. Just so the rosemary gets good drainage and you don't let it get as dry as a cactus in the middle of the Mojave, they are remarkably adaptable plants.