Saturday, March 29, 2008

Is it a Hose or is it a Snake?

Plants are like people. Some days they like a deep drink. Last summer I left the hose running for a short while to quench a special hibiscus' roots. When I came back to move the hose- I reached to grab it. Fortunately I realized in the nick of time that I don't own a black hose with yellow stripes (like in the second picture) or it would have been the scream heard in 3 counties.
I know. Snakes are good because they eat rodents. And with fruit trees and shade- if I were a rodent and had the choice of living in my garden or roughing it out back- I would hang out here, too. Still, the thought of gardening is a hard sell when I see a snake.

However,I look across the blooms to the canyon beyond, and I know. I will garden here for as long as I am able.
Ths snakes- even two on the same day- brought to mind that many things are not so difficult as we imagine. Wouldn't the world would be a happier place if instead of spending so much time trying to make things "no maintenance" and "problem free" we spent our effort finding ways to layer on more beauty?


Anonymous said...


All I can say here is I am so glad your "visitors" were not of the poison kind like our four rattlers who paid our patio a visit! Glad to hear you have those very pretty garden snakes who will eats those pesky rodents!
Low maintenance? That's what we THOUGHT we were doing when we planted our property. Turns out all need pruning, pulling and cutting back at least once a year! It's well worth the $1200 we pay our gardener once a year to do all that for us! I would not want to see John hanging up there in those carrot wood trees cutting those branches!!
Thanks for a beautiful blog that I look forward to seeing and reading!
XOXO Trisha

Anonymous said...

I certainly agree. Gardening, painting, singing- those all calm my mind. However at this point, as I stare another year and a half of grad school in the face, I'm inspired more by the quote you sent earlier tody: When you are deep in @#$%, look straight ahead and keep your mouth shut.

Lydia said...

Trisha- You are WELCOME to any of those future pretty snakes that drop by the garden!

Anka- For those who did not see the CUTE picture that went with the quote- it was a fox hunt scene- and running in the center of the dogs was the fox. I may cut it out and put it in my wallet to remind me that sometimes it is best to blend in and go with the flow!

Anonymous said...

Miss Lydia;

Thank you for sharing.

Your writing style reminds me of my slippers... Very comfortable and very soothing....
That is a GOOD Thing !

We also have the problem of Hoses that move in our backyard.

June has done a marvelous job. Worked her heart out getting it "comfortable".
We enjoy the animals that visit:
Squirrels --- The North Family & The South Family
Birds.... yes, including the Hawks and Eagles... 33 specie so far
Neighbors' Cats
Our daughter's dogs when they visit
and.... Snakes. Mostly Black Snake... Milk snake and the very occasional Salt & Pepper King Snake.

We can sit on the pool deck, back porch or in the kitchen dining area and watch them all.

Our favorites are the Humming Birds at our four feeders and the Bottle Brush Trees.

They are fascinating to watch with their air maneuvers and mating dance in mid air.

Thanks again for sharing.


Lydia said...

'Gator'- Thank you for the kind words and for sharing the list of wildlife that share the pleasures of the garden with you and June.
We had a row of weeping bottlebrush trees (callistemon viminalis)at our previous home. The scrub jays love to make their homes in their branches.