Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Living on the Edge

John and Trisha Bowler have an incredible view of rolling hills. After years of drought, the hills were scorched. Nearby construction dislodged local wildlife,which then migrated in to the residential areas in search of food, water and shade. Trisha began sending a count of rattlesnakes that were found in her yard.

Trisha was clearly stressed. So I did the only thing a friend could to help. I found a recipe for fried rattlesnake: printed it out, put it on an envelope on her front doorstep, rang the doorbell and ran. Of course it was not a clean get-away.

John and Trisha have been very smart in how they've landscaped for living on the urban interface. There is a lot of clear pavement so that they can see what is keeping them company while they enjoy their pool. The hedges are low. And everything is impeccably neat. But as you can see, when the setting is so intrinsicaly beautiful, there is not a need for a lot of ornamentation.

Photo courtesy of Trisha Bowler

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Anonymous said...

You are so funny in your writing! When I read the topic of this blog I laughed out loud! Little did I know when I sent you those pictures that I would be "starring" in your blog! teehee
Very good piece! Oh good news, we haven't had any rattlers since we tore down the wooden observation deck and replaced it with thick cement! (There were nests of them under the old deck)
Oh yes, John loves rattlesnake recipes! Of course he has to go else where to get them cooked for him! :):)
XOXO Trisha