Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Favorite Things- Beginning with A

Oprah publishes promotes her favorite things. The natural evolution has led to blogging diaries of favorite things. Some blog groups assign a letter. But I'm a Nike girl at heart. Just do it. Starting with the letter "A" .

Air travel. Book a window seat on a twilight flight from the east traveling west. You just might have time stand still as you are mesmerized by colors as stunning as the Aurora Borealis. You will feel that from this vantage point, God looks down on us. Even He must stop to marvel at the magnificence of His creation.
Apples. Raw. In salad. In pies.
If how you like your crisp apples is in apple pie- swirl a handful of dried cranberries into the filling- the berries plump-up while baking.

One of the most sensuous sights is a man biting into a whole big apple. It's like he is Adam and you are Eve.
Artichokes and Asparagus. Men tell me that a woman biting into the fleshy leaf of asparagus dipped in butter makes them think they are Adam to your Eve.

Arizona. Horseback riding and golf. The Grand Canyon. Winter baseball. The Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix. Make this a double "AA" for Arizona author Scott Calhoun. This is the cover of his latest book. Go to his website for ordering information and to find out about his little inn at the base of the Rincon Mountains- ZonaGardens .

Artists- Meet landscape water colorist Kevin Davidson of Orange. Visiting his website is like taking a morning off- going back in time -and coming back completely refreshed. Anything that artistically compelling on the Internet- be prepared for the emotional impact in person. It is always stronger.

Anka Sepulveda - My warm-weather loving niece- who loves Puerto Rico, but has made her home with husband Chester Wills in Portland, Oregon.

Aprons- Remember Sambo's Restaurants? Home of the 10 cent cup of coffee? I pushed pancakes for them to earn money to invest in a higher education. Never think because a job is humble, that it isn't worthwhile. When you literally serve others- it never leaves you that to serve others brings happiness. Happiness is a two way-street.

What are some of your favorite things which begin with the letter A?
All but but the last two images in this posting are by Gene Sasse and used with permission- http://genesasse.com/

Scott Calhoun's love of the Sonoran desert can be researched at his website http://www.zonagardens.com/
The Desert Botanical Garden website just might open the universe as to what a garden can be. See it at http://http://www.dbg.org/
Kevin Davidson's plein air paintings of the California landscape and early architectural gems can be perused at http://www.watercoloryupo.com/


Anonymous said...

OMG Lydia!! I had to go back and look at your post several times before it HIT me!! That's YOU when you worked at Sambo's!! OMG! I could barely see the resemblance but I could finally tell it was you!

I don't think too well this time of night but how about "Army"! Now there's a great one!
Some people might say (I know Cobi would say first thing) "Anaheim Angels"!
XO Trisha
p.s. I'll have to get back to ya when I can think.

Anonymous said...

Lydia, good blog. My favorite things beginning with A:
Automatic transmissions,
Applitini,Agreements, Alaska, Army, Attention, Animals, Apes, Arizona, Appetizers, Armchairs, .. of course, like you, I love asparagus, artichokes, and apples!
That was fun! xo Oregon Sue

Anonymous said...

The apron picture is so cute!

Anonymous said...

Heyyyyy, way to go Sue!! You sure did come thru with the "A"s. OF COURSE America!!! Well, like I said, it was late at night and I don't think clearly then.
XO Trisha

Lydia said...

Hey Trisha! Yep- no notepad in one hand, pen in the other taking notes- holding a container is a disguise! One of these days- just for you- I will post a picture of what I looked like with hair down and without bottlecap glasses.
Oregon Sue- Good going! If we ever meet and there is a word game- I want you on my team!
Hope you two get to peruse the sites at the bottom of the post. I am in perpetual awe of people who create beauty.

Frequent Traveler said...

I love posts like this, Lydia ! Apple pie, steamed asparagus with mustard, amaretto on the rocks, clean air...

Bob said...

And here I thought I was the only one posting about Sambo's. Yes I do remember waitresses and hostess wearing the red aprons. Your pix, looks like your in the store room. Many of times I got tired of putting stock away, in that room.

But to this day, Sambo's holds a special place in my heart.


Lydia said...

Blessings for stopping by, Bob. The shot of me was at the Sambo's in Santa Fe Springs. Looks like I am carrying cream- so that is probably the walk-in refrigerator.