Sunday, February 15, 2009

Garden Booming Blog Day- February

Dateline Diamond Bar
USDA Zone 9B
Sunset Zone 20
Elevation 957 Feet above sea level
58 degrees F
Rain last week 3.5 inches.

The crest of the hillside to the east protects my garden from weather extremes. You may notice in the background of following images how quickly it has greened-up outside in just one week.

Another set of storms meanders this way. Good. We can use the rain.

The changing sky is part of the amazement of this garden. It teaches the enjoyment not just in having what we desire- but what we are graced with.

The orchid- hued tabebuia flowers held on to the bare tree branches through the rain- and even a little hail. Now the yellow version adds punch to the colorscape.

From the side yard looking forward from the "tangerine snack machine" - kumquats now tempt the salivation glands- the haze of tabebuia blossoms contrasing add visual sparkle.

The garden is alive with birds. There is nothing unusual to have a dozen goldfinch, scrub jay and dove couples dining at the feeders at the same time hummingbirds are dancing in the air. That is not all the feathered companions here- just the celebrities of the moment. The sparrows and others are more spectators than stars.

The Audubon Backyard bird count is on. I just wish the birdies would hold still and raise one wing....

Walk to the edge of the patio and see the color of the new foliage on the rose 'Betty Boop'. It is a real production to get her branches bare. She just does not want to get naked. Perhaps it is just in the imagination- a few hours after stripping off her flowers and old foliage- these coppery leaves clothe her arms.

Propped in the arms of the Betty Boop rose a gladiolus triumphantly rises to entertain while the rose blossoms are on intermission

On the edge of the lawn, the casual Rosa Mutabalis (the butterfly rose) allows her delicate flowers to nod in the breeze.

She is a favorite platform for the yellow finches to launch over to the the feeders from.

The geranium are starting to show the diversity of form and flower possible.

The lighter variation on this scented geranium leaf popped from the original out one year.

Lavender in the dead of winter.

Savlia 'Indigo Blue Spires'.

These are just a few of the floral guest appearances this garden "off-season". Some of the supporting cast not shown include fortnight lily, pineapple sage, euryops, bouganvilla, yellow clivia- strawberries.

My original goal with the garden was to have an abundance of color year-round. While I have achieved that with flowers, plan b is in place.

Today is Sunday. The Day of Rest. The Day to Reflect. Refresh. Give glory and gratitude. I bid you Peace and Happiness in generous portions. Preferably in your very own garden.


Frequent Traveler said...

You have a major green thumb, and I love it every time you share pictures of your glorious garden with us. Thank goodness for the rain !

Lydia said...
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Lydia said...

Thank you Annie! Somedays my thumb is green, my back aches and my knees creak- and it is all worth it. So much better than anything on TV.

Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL PICTURES!! I often wonder which are your pics and which are the ones from other photographers. They are all so gorgeous!
I was just out on the patio and watching the wonderful flurry of birds who seem to be happy for the sunshine and the rain having stopped. My guys are enthralled with the two red headed wood peckers down the hill on one of our trees. They are regulars on that tree. Maybe I should sneak up on them and take photos!! Yea, think I will try.
I just told hubby that the hummer feeders are empty and need a refill! Ok then, he said, after my movie is over!

Lydia said...

Trisha- If you get that photo of the woodpeckers- I would love to see one. Wildlife and sports are the two things I would love a new camera with a better lens to capture.

Anonymous said...

Lydia, I too love your photos. The view from your patio is spectacular! 3.5" of rain? Wow, lucky you. I live in the 'rain' country and we've only had 1.25" in the last month! I love kumquats~! My daddy had a tree and it was outside my bedroom window (this was in El Sereno) and I'd open the window, push out the screen, and grab some to eat while I lay in bed! I used to make kumquat jam all the time. But, alas, no citrus grows here and if any of the specialty stores got in kumquats they'd be a premium. Gotta tell ya, kumquat jam is wonderful! Thanks for sharing. xo Oregon Sue

Lydia said...

Good Morning Sue! Kumquat marmalade- yum. Bet that would be good as a base for a sauce on grilled chicken.
It is shaping up here to possibly equal last week's rainfall total today. Even in this rain- the goldfinch are hanging out at the feeders. You can't hear the birds through the rain inside the house- but from the shelter of the patio- they are chirping..