Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Company We Keep

Uninvited company. Living in the hills, we get allot of casual company. Some slither in. Some, like the crane earlier today, swoop in for a quick bite to eat.

This purr-tee darling walked in and made herself at home. This time, it wasn't my garden the bobcat graced. It was that of photographer Gene Sasse.

I first met Gene at Roger's Garden's in Corona del Mar at a Garden Writer's Association regional meeting. We probably first struck up a conversation at a Southern California Horticultural Association meeting at Griffith Park. Then, we were touring Greenwood Daylily Gardens in Somis at the same time.

We have worked together on a few projects since then. And it is always a pleasure. We both love the great outdoors. We live in different cities, but similar geography and wildlands interface issues. Although, when Gene sees a rattlesnake in his front yard, he is likely to move it someplace safer. That would not be my initial reaction. In fact, the snake's safety would never be a consideration, let alone make it to an action item.

Our collaboration works because we communicate through different arts. Gene, as photographer, speaks through images. I, as a writer, sketch with words. However, our goal is the same. To create on a flat surface, a thought or feeling which leaps from the page and lands firmly in the soul of the person viewing what we craft .

Photographs by
Gene Sasse Photography
5288 Ranch Gate RoadAlta Loma, CA 91701909-
941-3993 Studio 909-319-6101 Cellwww.genesasse.com

used with permission.


  1. The bobcat would have fascinated me, but since I walk the hills, it would have made me nervous !

    And I would have had the same reaction to a rattlesnake that you do, Lydia !

  2. That is a good descriptive of the emotional impact of seeing a bobcat. Nervous fascination. May is the month we are most likely to spot one walking the neighborhood.

  3. It was several months ago that I looked out the back window in time to see Mr. Bobcat wadering by on our spa and pool deck. I raced into the family room for my camera. He stood still for a minute when he got to the grass but then was too quick for me. By the time I had camera in hand he was squeezing thru the fence into the wilderness.
    Lydia, you KNOW what I think of rattlers! :( Daryl just killed a baby one on our front sidewalk. We have more than our share up here so I say kill those suckers before they kill us! Yikes!
    XO Trisha


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