Thursday, June 11, 2009

L'Auberge de Sedona

What is it like to stay at L' Auberge de Sedona?

Opening the door to the balcony of my room in the lodge, fresh air streamed in. Ripe cherries begged me to pick them off the tree where they glistened in the early sunlight. Yummy.

L'Auberge is almost hidden from the main tourist drag in Sedona. Please share my morning walk.
Steaming coffee, a crisp apple and fresh scones in hand, I walked down to the lowest elevation of the property...Past the little waterfall by the cabins...

Past the Pomegranate tree, pregnant with fruit...

Around the corner with simple Shasta daisies...

Stopping to smell the roses...

To the pathway along Oak Creek where the ducks float in...

For a "Meet and Greet", Sedona Style.

L'Auberge is a hotel I have dreamed about. But I never thought I could afford. However, they are in the midst of a renovation-
The concern of the hotel for guests' during this time created an opportunity for my travel agent to upgrade my accommodations- to expand the range of experience- to elevate the creative gene that makes life such a wonder. Really- my
husband's workshop creates more of a fuss and distraction than the work crews did during my stay.
Ahh, the writer's life. It is more than deadlines and rejections. It is, at is core, sharing.

If I spent all day on the Internet, I might get as good a "deal"- but why? Patty Gee of Progressive Travel knows my taste. She knows my budget constraints. When plan "A" falls through- she is calmly ready to arrange a backup plan. The hotels and rates she has arranged- Patty is a goddess and a genius.
Patty Gee can be found at Progressive Travel 1 Industry Hills Pkwy, City Of Industry, CA 91744. 626-839-8009.


Anonymous said...


How lovely! The place reminds me so much of the lodge with the hidden two story cabins tucked into the forest at Danali National Park in Alaska. We didn't have to walk to breakfast as there were little covered "bus stops" where we waited for the Bear Bus to come around to pick us up to be driven to the big lodge for a wonderful meal, etc. This reminds me so much of that.
Sedona looks like a place for a romantic getaway so it's a shame that Ger couldn't have gone too.
Thanks for sharing those great photos and story!
XO Trisha

Lydia said...

Thank you for writing in. Alaska is on my "bucket list".
Sedona has a wide variety of atractions- from hiking or jeep adventures- from camping to resorts. And shopping.
It would have been an added bonus to have Gerry with me. Since he's an engineer, he notices a different set of details than I.