Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Peak at Paradise

"To create a garden is to search for a better world. In our effort to improve on nature, we are guided by a vision of paradise." - Marina Schinz

Gardens aren't maintenance free. Like any meaningful relationship, they require interaction.

Unlike between lovers, hands on attention can be hired with no harm. But unless you are either seriously rich or handicapped, this simple beauty is easily attainable by anyone on their own.

If your vision of paradise is springtime at the Poppy Reserve in the Antelope Valley- then the most cheerful flower in the world sends you this recipe for joy.

First- choose a sunny spot barren of pretty plants, where big weeds rule. Yank the monster predator plants by the roots and banish to the landfill.

Spice up a bucket full of seed topping mix with handful of California Poppy Seeds. A handful at a time, toss the seeded topping mix like it were feed for a hungry lot of chickens.

When the bucket is empty, follow behind with the rest of the seed topper to give the seeds some advantage in nature's game of hide 'n' seek with the local birds.

Once ground has been seeded - other than watering the infant seeds lightly until nature is ready to take over- about the only duty is patience.

Photo by Gene Sasse. Used with Permission.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Lydia. I love the flower fields of poppies and wild flowers in Lancaster/Palmdale area in the spring.

I will send a few pictures I took last year!


Anonymous said...

I have lots and lots of Collifornia poppies up here in Oregon. In fact, I just got home after being gone 2 weeks, and some are blooming already! Come on kids, it's no where near Spring. Sigh.... A little rain and cool weather and my garden is happy. The artichokes are also growing like mad. Nice blog.
xo Oregon Sue