Sunday, November 22, 2009

Love Stories

With this kiss, the dashing Kevin Bowler sealed his wedding to teacher Debbie Zaldivar. Adorned in her lavish lace dress suitable for Zorro's bride, the evening was as magic as the gown.

The ritual diving their love shone like the center diamond in a ring surrounded by other stories of love.

At the reception, the tables were marked by placards that the couple chose to make a donation to the American Cancer Society in the bride's late father's name in lieu of favors to the guests.

The groom's parents glow in approval of the new pairing. They should know a thing or two about what it takes for a successful marriage. Since photo's don't lie- they have been married 47 years- John II was 5 and Trisha was 3 when they "tied" the knot.

I hope the young couple enjoys the gift my husband and I sent as much as I enjoyed wrapping it.
It is always awkward for the receiver when a gift cannot be matched the the giver. To help the couple out, our card is therefore inside the wrapping- my business card is inside the main gift.

The reception table centerpieces were perfect. The colors of the flowers matched colors which burst with autumn joy.
The bouquet cascaded with abundance from artful iron perches, high enough for the table guests to speak comfortably to each other.

I was fortunate to be seated with Art and Carol Herrera. Their son Randy will be home from Europe in February for a wedding of his own.

Art and Carol and Trisha and John go way back. As newlyweds with apartments in Whittier and both husbands in law enforcement, this is the type of couple every newly married should have. Someone to be with you through thick and thin. Who will know your secrets, but never spread them. Someone to laugh with you. Cry with you. Pray for you.

Also at my table were Judy Duvall and Edda Gahm.
As they wave goodbye, I would like to thank the young couple for allowing us to share this moment of your joy.
You did this right. We pray for your continued happiness as you grow old together.


  1. Wonderful pictures, L. Loved seeing my friend's faces, but where is one of you and Gerry? The wedding sounded perfect. I LOVED the part about John being 5 and T being 3 when they married. I laughed out loud!
    Hugs to all. Thanks for the post.
    xo Oregon Sue

  2. Good morning, Sue! Gerry was the disappointed sick husband left at home. I am hiding behind the camera.

  3. Lydia,
    THANK YOU!!! Wonderful photos and love your description of everything!
    Yes, with all the stress and problems that lead up to "the" day, it's a huge relief that it turned out to be a fabulous day! I spoke to Kevin this morning and he and Deb agreed it was a perfect wedding! Thanks to the hard work of Debbie, Kevin and family and friends too.
    If you had been there at the rehearsal you would have thought that nothing was going to go right, starting with Deb falling on her face from exhaustion!
    I was soooo relieved when she arrived in the limo,went into the church hall and I went in there to meet her. She was abolutely glowing with a big beautiful smile and obviously so happy! Yes, perfect description: Zorro's bride! A Latin princess/bride!
    We couldn't have been happier with everything! Thank you friends for making that drive and helping us celebrate the joyous occasion! So happy to have you there!

    OH Yes! Lydia, I just sent the link to this to Kevin so they can enjoy it this morning!

    Hugs and thank you!
    XOX Trisha

  4. Good morning Trisha! How the couple blended tradition with their own individual style gave it a very enjoyable authenticity that will make for GREAT memories.

  5. Thanks, Lydia!

    This is awesome. Kevin & I are honored that you would blog about our wedding. =) We loved your gift. Mostly, we are glad that you were able to share such a special day with the both of us.

    Debbie Bowler

  6. Deborah- You are the daughter-in-law of Trish and John's dreams.


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