Thursday, November 19, 2009

Random Thoughts from Stone Manor

In a former life as a film director, Lance Lindsay noticed that on every set, there was always a red light glowing somewhere.

Artists in every medium are a curious lot. When he asked the lighting director why, the answer was, " It makes everything look richer."

Aime points out the element of enchantment is added when the light source is subtle and artistic, as when it illuminates through bent stained glass petals.

In designing the property which inspired Stone Manor Lighting, the Lindsay's heightened the romance of the place by replicating nature.

A front garden may tell the world what you wish to project- it is the backyard- where you go and what you do while no one is looking, which says who you really are.

If expanding romance is not reason enough... if you need practical reasons to add these whimsical flowers to your garden- link to the Lindsay's thoughts at

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