Sunday, December 20, 2009

Wrapping Up For Holidays

Just about everything which can be wrapped or topped with a ribbon: is.

Time to stop decorating and ready the feast which will move for most of the week between the branches of the family. In-laws and out-laws. Near and far.

Planning is easy once people and place are determined. Likes, dislikes and medical restrictions of guests are too cheerful a task to call a chore.

Menus for each of the major meals were submitted for input and approval by my husband. When last seen, he was salivating.

Now comes gathering ingredients. Meat properly aged but never frozen yields the best flavor and taste. At Orchard's Fresh Market in Whittier, Danny has two orders logged. One for pick-up before Christmas. The other for after. Do you have a butcher who will do that for you?

This is what is planned for Christmas Day Dinner

French Onion Soup
Baby White Corn
Braised Yukon Potatoes
Horseradish- Crusted Beef Tenderloin
Crème Brulee and Assorted Cookies with hot beverages

At their annual Holiday Party, Matt and Debbie Rezvani introduced us to a delightful Merlot from Napa Valley by Michael Pozzan. Graced with notes of rich berries wrapped in a satiny smooth finish, its peppery bite is both light and distinctive. That punch of flavor is interesting enough to hold up to the tenderloin without being too aggressive.

The value of the wine is shockingly superb. Michael Pozzan Merlot Spec Reserve '06 (750 ML) tastes every bit as good as many a $30 - $40 bottle. However, at BevMo, this measurably fine wine is regularly priced at $16.99- but today, the store was willing to part with it for just $9.99.

Orchard's Fresh Food's Motto is "The way Things Used to Be." Try them. You will think it is the way things should be. Clean, friendly, delicious. Check 'em out at

For BevMo info on Pozzan wine- click on-


Anonymous said...

Would Orchards be one that used to be located on Beverly Blvd. in Whittier? We lived on that street and right up a few corners from us was one that I believe was the same. It was called a meat market. Our "like a grandma" friend, Helga,used to always buy her special cuts of meat from them, especially prime rib!

LOVED your fancy ribbon, pine and berry decorations. Do you make those yourself? Do you buy the fixins at Michaels? You are a talented lady! I don't think I have ever seen such a beautiful gift as the one you wrapped and decorated for Kevin and Debbie's wedding gift! (Hang on, thank you notes are forth coming as she is now on Christmas break!)

Thanks for sharing your wonderful menu! Eric is here and I read it to him and asked him what he thought you were going to do with the kale. He thinks it's for a salad. Is it? You are usually specific about that.

Enjoy your wonderful cusine and please don't work too hard!
Hugs and see you on the 23rd!
XOX Trisha

Lydia said...

Hi, Trisha!
Orchard's is on Whittier Blvd just east of The Whittwood Mall.
Thank you.
The particular decoration you asked about is simply a fluffed out wired ribbon bow- may have been marketed as a tree topper from K-Mart. The pine spray was from Michael's. The two parts are wired together and anchored to the wall with a removable wall hook hidden by the bow. Everything together was not more than $5.-

Since lunch is likely a salad- I went with soup for dinner.

The kale will be simply wilted in butter and a bit of chicken broth. When writing out a proposed menu- it needed a green vegetable. Collards would have been too bitter- spinach just didn't sound like it would be as good a texture or flavor as kale.

If Eric (your son, the professional chef) has any suggestions- I am all ears. Since this is a family meal at home- until the meal is served- there is always flexibility- or I would have been bald years ago.

Anonymous said...
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Miss Jean said...

Wow! Your dinner menu has me salivating as well! Have a wonderful Christmas.

Lydia said...

Thank you. Same to you.