Tuesday, April 6, 2010

April Showers- Bring on the Flowers

The rain finally came. After the earthquake. After dinner on the patio. After midnight. After the Easter feast, featuring the vintage platter piled with marinated kebabs of lamb and vegetables faded from the here and now to become a family memory.

The next morning, as the clouds departed Alta Loma , Gene Sasse captured the artistry of the iris. No wonder Monet fell under the flower's spell. See how the blossoms pose ballerina-like: long limbs outstretched. Still; yet bursting with energy. Especially in this bold yellow.

In Alexandra Stoddard's decorating classic Creating a Beautiful Home, the decorator/writer and philosopher of fine living quotes her mentor, Eleanor McMillen Brown
" Every room needs a touch of yellow."

So does every garden. Look again at the backyard picture. Think of the space as a the horticultural equivalent of architectural open plan. Memorize the spacial arrangement of the elements. Then close your eyes and imagine the same image without the yellow iris.

Before I say good-bye, I would like to invite you to read an especially lovely issue of Weeks Roses Newsletter. If you haven't subscribed yet, you really should.

Image by Gene Sasse. Used with permission.


  1. What a lovely photo! I have Iris's here too, but they make their showing a lot later in this colder climate. I also LOVE the yellow ones! Ahhh spring. Wonderful time of the year. Monet, a very favorite artist of mine! Thanks L.
    xo Oregon Sue

  2. Hi Lydia,
    Very pretty, against that stormy sky. My iris began blooming more than a month ago -- way earlier than most years.
    Thanks for the tip about the Weeks Roses newsletter. I'll subscribe!


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