Sunday, April 18, 2010

Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow.

8 AM. The house is quiet. But the garden is awake with birds and bees and color and scent. It is a favorite time to be outside. Alone. In contemplation of Yesterday- Today- and- Tomorrow.
This concept of time is also the popular name of Brunsfelia pauciflora.

Oh, that I could send you the scent as easily as the gardener's Latin. It sets alight the imagination. Takes me back to the moment I knew I had to plant some. It was walking past a hedge of the purple changing to lavender changing to white blossoms perfuming the walkway leading to the dentist's office.

Like an amethyst ring on a ladies finger, this stand of iris beneath the grapefruit tree points to the garden as God tends. He doesn't use the birds and mammals to plant the earth the same as I. Yet, I believe He approves. If not, why would He have given us free will?

The first bloom of clematis fills me with joy. She isn't native to California. But for the vision of the planners and engineers who brought water to Southern California, she wouldn't be here to clothe the chain link fence.

Thank God not just for what He has given us. Thank God for what He allows us to do. To contemplate, create and celebrate. In the garden.

Thank you to Dr. Douglas Wyler, DDS- not just for being a great dentist- but for keeping that hedge all these years.


OldLady Of The Hills said...

BEAUTIFUL Flowers my dear. I wish I could smell that wonderful scent you speak of...! Isn't it wonderful to hear the Birds chirping and starting to get their nests ready? This is such a special time of year.

Lydia said...

Morning, Lady of the HIlls. Yes. It is marvelous.