Friday, May 7, 2010

On Roses

Roses are like people; special for their differences.

Some, like grandifloras, have stature. Some are happiest in the country, and some prefer a more formal setting. Some are high maintenance babes. Some exceed or fall below expectations. Even though some are easier to appreciate than others- they all have beauty that can be appreciated by someone. I like friendly roses. Ones that like company. Roses who enliven the landscape. Who offer companionship to a host of other planting materials- geraniums, iris- whatever brings elevates joy to all who wander in.

Roses nurture wildlife- whether holding a hummingbird nest or protecting finches from predators while they wait for their time at the feeder- those are special just for their function even if they weren't so beautiful. I like that roses are so agreeable in a wide range of situations. I experimented by surrounding some roses in pots with some rather Xeric partners- succulents and such. The result is pleasing. The roses like that the temperature of the pots down; prevents wilting. These edgings don't melt in the summers here as quickly as more traditional partners do. So what on the face would not be recommended- in real life- it works.

Plant roses. Give them companions. Gardening is the ultimate opportunity to "color outside the lines". Roses offer the whole crayon box to play with.

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  1. GREAT analogy. Pretty roses! Good luck to Trevor!!!
    xo Oregon Sue


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