Saturday, May 8, 2010

An Orphan's Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day. Today, I have felt sorry for those who wished it to me not knowing this is my first full day as an orphan.

Yesterday, surrounded by family on a beautiful spring day, my mother's spirit soared free of gravity. She left behind all pain, illness and earthly cares.

We were able to rush to her bedside after her heart attacked. We were holding hands; praying the Lord to receive her in His garden. As we finished, the woman known outside the family by combination of names she used for the chapters of her life- Ethel Maria Sepulveda Lent- her last breath quietly left her.

Be happy for my mother. Today she got something in heaven I have had the privilege of for 56 years. See- her mother died in childbirth when mom was only 2.

At long last, mom has shed her earthly identity. She will no longer be the little girl from Puerto Rico; the one there was no room at the orphanage for. Forever now, however it is that God arranges such reunions in the heaven, my mother can now get to know; to be with her own mother.

Thank you to Gene Sasse for permission to use his image of Julia Child rose blooms frothing over the edges of a Mason jar.


Anonymous said...


How beautiful! By reading that, I felt joy for your mom. What a lovely way to think of your mom's departure from this earth and into Heaven to be with her mother.
I know you will miss her but you have your memories and you know that now she is free of pain and happy with her own mother.

Much love to you and your family,

Hugs, Trisha

Anonymous said...

Love and hugs to you and your family. I too have said goodbye to my Mother. There isn't a day that goes by I don't want to share something with her, call her, hug her. A lot of one-sided conversations go on between us. I understand your grief. Take good care my friend.
Oregon Sue

Anonymous said...

Oh Lydia, I'm so sorry to learn about your mother's passing. But what beautiful sentiments you expressed. Surely she knew how much you treasured and honored her. And surely she treasured and honored you just as much.

Lydia said...

Thank you.

OldLady Of The Hills said...

Such beautiful heartfelt words, my dear....My heart goes out to you at this very tender time. And to think that your Mom is now reunited with her dear mother, at last---whole and out of pain...A True Blessing.